Business travellers will find a variety of places to explore and things to see in Hong Kong, even on the shortest of trips. If you want to add a little local know-how to your business trip, check out our 10 recommendations to include in your itinerary.

Take a coffee break

As Hong Kong’s coffee culture grows, local entrepreneurs are beginning to provide a more sophisticated coffee experience. Increasing numbers of neighbourhood cafes are popping up, promoting java junkies and a new wave of coffee counter culture.

Visit a traditional temple

The ornate, beautiful Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the most-visited landmarks in all of Hong Kong, and it isn’t difficult to see why. The historic temple is home to three different religious (Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism), and was built in 1921. The shrine commemorates 4th century monk Wong Tai Sin, and those who visit the site are said to have their wishes granted.

Take away some milk tea

Originating from the British colonial practice of adding milk to black tea, milk tea is a quintessential Chinese beverage, which can be served hot or cold. Many local restaurants serve variations on milk tea, but the traditional Hong Kong-style is strained over sackcloth to produce a velvety texture and fragrant aroma. Another style (commonly known as bubble tea) originates from Taiwan and is served with tapioca pearls. Get yourself a cup at Gong Cha, which has locations all over the city.

Visit an experimental art space 

Although it’s squeezed into just 800 square feet, Para/Site Art Space is one of Asia’s most progressive contemporary art organisations. A variety of different temporary exhibitions take place here throughout the year, making the Para Site a great place to get a quick dose of culture between meetings.

Wander around Hullett House

Former Hong Kong Marine Department headquarters Hullett House is a magnificent example of local colonial architecture (it dates back to 1881), and is a monument to the city’s past. The elegant Hullett House Hotel features a small selection of individually designed luxury suites, each with a private terrace. It also comprises several restaurants and bars, souvenir shops and a performance space.

Take a yoga class

Stretch those muscles and calm the mind at Pure Yoga, with locating across Hong Kong. For those who prefer smaller classes, the boutique studio Yoga Room is another great option, with classes throughout the day and into the evening.

Take a trip to The Peak

The most iconic views of Hong Kong’s vertical cityscape can be taken in from the top of The Peak, one of the highest points on Hong Kong Island. Several different observation decks provide sweeping city vistas (best appreciated on sunny days, when the mist has blown away from the Harbour). A historic tram trundles visitors slowly up to the top.

Do some junk sightseeing

The days when red-sailed junks would regularly sweep across Victoria Harbour have long since passed, though it’s still possible to hop on the few token boats that still circle the waters. AquaLuna offers hop on, hop off rides during the day (Monday to Friday), and 45-minute trips in the evening. They show off some of the best Harbour views and are perfect for squeezing in between or after meetings.

Dip into some local history

For those who want to learn a bit more about this city’s fascinating history, the Hong Kong Museum of History provides a perfect, manageable window into its past. Exhibitions look at the city from its prehistoric origins right up to the modern day, with emphasis on rule by Chinese dynasties, traditional folk culture and the growth of today’s megalopolis.

Dine at a traditional cha chaan teng

Cha chaan teng can be found all over the city, and are quaint relics of mid-century Hong Kong. Literally translating to ‘tea restaurants’, these old-fashioned eateries serve no-fuss, Western-inspired comfort food. With menus offering a variety of dishes ranging from instant noodles and stir-frys to sandwiches and omelettes, there’s plenty to choose from.

Written by Apple Mandy

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