As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston was the first to set the table with some of the nation’s favourite comfort dishes. Whether it’s a crock of namesake baked beans, a Pilgrim’s delight of turkey with cranberries or a plate pilled high with fried clams, a quick flight to Boston will have you tucking into traditional New England dishes in no time. After all, this city is the birthplace of the toothpick.

Union Oyster House

Opening its doors in 1826 and earning a place on the National Historic Landmark list, this busy restaurant is America’s oldest. On a menu full of Yankee-style seafood, the Shore Dinner is a New England feast not to be missed – Oyster House clam chowder, steamers or mussels, live lobster, native corn, red bliss potatoes, and gingerbread or Indian pudding.

Union Oyster House, 41 Union Street, Boston.

Legal Harborside

One of the most popular destinations in this infamous seafood empire’s vast kingdom (there are various Legal Sea Food locations dotted across the city) is the 20,000-square-foot, three-storey waterfront site overlooking the Harbour. They serve 40 varieties of fresh fish and shellfish throughout the year, including their famous N.E. Clam Chowder, a creamy concoction that has travelled to the White House for its Inaugural activities on multiple occasions.

Legal Harborside at Liberty Wharf, 270 Northern Avenue, Boston

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