Like everyone born in the ‘80s we’ve got a few funny photos and videos in a dusty old box in the loft. Like this gem from a TV programme called Frocks on the Box which was broadcast on UK telly in 1987. It’s hard to believe that our uniform used to be grey. But as our Throwback Thursday clip shows, even back then it caused a stir. Right from the very beginning we knew the importance of a smart uniform by a cool designer; in this case Arabella Pollen. In this programme ‘80s fashionista Muriel Gray talks about our original uniform and the issues involved in getting it right for the 400 people that wore it. 

Contrast that to today and the sea of red and burgundy that greets you as you step into our uniform store at Gatwick. Here the team are busy making sure that everyone who wears our latest Vivienne Westwood designed uniform has everything they need to look amazing. There are 145 different items that make up our uniform and these need to be distributed by our 5 person uniform team to the 5,500 people across the world who wear it. 

Tanya Miller, Manager Uniforms and Sandra Piper, Uniforms Supervisor, with just a few of the 145 items that make up our uniform range

As this newspaper clip shows, people were talking about our uniform even before we had flown our first flight. From day one our uniform turned heads. Some things haven’t changed after all.