Morning: Wake up and smell the coffee. No, really: Seattle is every bit as obsessed with crafting the perfect cup of joe as you think it is, and the city has legions of top-notch coffee shops to choose from. With six different locations around town, you’re never far from a stellar Caffe Vita outpost, which is meticulous when it comes to sourcing top-quality beans.

Afternoon: Far and away Seattle’s best-known foodie landmark is the colossal Pike Place Market: open since 1907, it’s one of the country’s oldest continually operating farmers markets, and attracts roughly 10 million hungry visitors each year. Though parts of the market are perpetually packed — fun as they are, you don’t really need to see the famous fishmongers who lob their catches from person to person — there are still some local-approved treasures to seek out. Like Beecher’s, an artisan cheesemaker whose Flagship cheese (a fantastically complex, aged cheddar-like affair) also finds its way into superlative grilled cheese toasties and mac and cheese. After something a bit more formal? Matt’s in the Market serves up farm-to-table fare with tables set well apart from the commotion below. 


Evening: There are few better ways to spend postprandial hours in Seattle than supping some smashing Pacific Northwest wines. After all, Washington State offers upwards of 800 wineries, and is now regarded as one of the most exciting vinicultural areas in the country. You won’t have to wander far to reach Purple Café and Wine Bar, whose deep wine list includes Merlots, Chardonnays, Syrahs and more from across the state, as well as other globetrotting vintages. After all that sipping and swirling, settle in for an evening at one of Seattle’s charming neighbourhood restaurants. One of the very best is Delancey, a trendy pizzeria where pies are as likely to come topped with cremini mushrooms and thyme as pepperoni. You could stay put for dessert — the chocolate chip cookies with grey salt are legendary ’round these parts — or you could wander next door to Essex, where craft cocktails like a Calvados Toddy make for a fitting digestif.

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