Our dedicated Group Sales team offer tailor made solutions for group travel. We are committed to working in partnership with all our group customers in order to build long term business relationships.

Whether your group is for a conference, incentive, sporting occasion, school trip or anything else, we have an experienced team to help you achieve your customer's needs and wants.

We class a group as  10 or more passengers travelling out and back together in Economy, or eight people in Premium or Upper Class.


Here at Virgin Atlantic, we have made it as easy as possible for group travel. Here are some fantastic reasons to book with us:

  • Friendly Group Account Team
  • Up to four weeks option period
  • Advance requests up to 18 months before travel
  • Dedicated group bag drop, upon request
  • Online checkin
  • Conference windows offered
  • Group seating
  • Earn Flying Club points

For further information or to make a group booking email groupsalesuk@fly.virgin.com

Our Group Sales Commercial terms can be found here.


  • You can make inspection visits to your proposed destination for a competitive group rate
  • We accept advanced registrations, up to 18 months before the date of your event
  • Your advance party of event managers will enjoy competitive group rates to set up and close down the event
  • Your delegates can travel within a pre agreed conference window
  • For events where delegates are funding their own travel we can provide a dedicated booking website for the event
  • With the Virgin Atlantic Group Check In process, from the moment you book, our dedicated team will make your journey as smooth as possible
  • In certain locations, we can facilitate check in prior to parties arriving at the airport and can also offer Clubhouse access group check-in
  • Depending on the size of your group, you can have access to the entire cabin, subject to availability
  • If you're travelling for sport, we offer a very generous sport equipment baggage allowance
  • All your group flights are eligible to earn Points with Flying Club, our very rewarding loyalty programme
  • Our sustainability pledge means you're flying with one of the world's most socially responsible airlines

Details on how to contact our teams can be found here.

You can request group space with the Group Sales team and hold an initial option.

At the end of the option period, you would need to commit to deposits or release the space.

Economy groups are GBP50.00 per person

Premium groups are GBP100.00 per person

Upper Class groups are GBP200.00 per person

Details on how to contact our teams can be found here

Passengers travelling as part of a group can use Online Check In or Kiosk Check In.

If you have at least 20 passengers arriving at the airport together with a group leader and you can provide APIS information, then we can request a dedicated group check in point at certain airports. Please contact the Group Sales team for more information.

If you use Sabre or Amadeus you can claim the Virgin Atlantic group PNR.

If you use any other GDS, you will need to create a passive PNR for ticketing.

For further information please contact the Group Sales team.

Group tickets do have a degree of flexibility, please contact the Group Sales team or refer to your contract for full details.

We will honour the YQ charge from time of booking. All other taxes are as at time of ticketing.

If you are a UK based IATA or ATOL agent and you made your group booking with the Group Sales team, then you must contact them for all queries.