Vera is the name for all of the entertainment available onboard

Made up of the hottest Hollywood films and the latest chart toppers, as well as a selection of hidden gems – quirky short films, up-and-coming bands, thought provoking documentaries – that will surprise and inspire.

When you arrive onboard you’ll be in for a treat as the Vera entertainment starts immediately with music playing whilst you settle into your seat, getting you excited for your travels, or relaxing you before an evening flight.

Delve into the dazzling world of Vera by browsing the magazine found in your seat pocket, packed full of entertainment, travel and listings to guide you through your ‘what to watch’ decisions. We offer a range of movies, TV and music that you’ll be familiar with and expect to find but there may be titles you haven’t heard of but trust us, sit back, relax and give it a go.

Our inflight system is intuitive to use, giving you the chance to browse and build playlists from the 1,000+ hours of content on offer. 

So although we may offer less content in terms of sheer quantity compared to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, what Vera does offer is a lovingly created selection from a diverse range of the best available movies, TV and music so you don’t have to trawl through mediocre to find what's great. It’s all great! 

It’s important for us that you see the content as the director intended so we don’t edit or cut scenes. But rest assured we do signpost with relevant information and age appropriate certifications so you can make your own mind up. 

Traveling with little ones? The Kids section is a safe place to keep your kids entertained, they will be able to find movies, TV and audio all suitable for small eyes and ears. 

Our fleet of aircraft are wifi connected, enabling you to check your emails or social media.  

Just want to chill? you can settle down and listen to a range of audio content created to help you sleep, relax or meditate. Ensuring you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go. 

Worried about missing Vera when you get home? Did you know you can listen to boarding music and playlists by following us on spotify.

Your own playlist

On our aircraft you can create your own bespoke playlists for music and watchlists for TV and movies.

  1. Select an album from Music, a TV show from TV or a movie from Movies
  2. For Music, click on the star symbol next to your chosen track or album
  3. For Movies and TV click Save Show/Movie for Later.

Depending on which aircraft you're on, you’ll see a tab or star at the top of your screen. When you click on this you'll see the items you've selected.

Vera LovesWe’re proud to be one of the few airlines that selects their own movie, TV and music content.
Each month we use the Vera Loves stamp of approval to highlight the entertainment we wouldn’t want you to miss.

Vera Loves: Movies

Our big screen picks.


Vera Loves: TV

Television we think you'll love.


Vera Loves: Audio

Our go to listens.