Isabel Garvey - Managing Director

Isabel has been at the studios for seven years. Hear how she has transformed the studios for the modern age and how she has prepped for their 90th birthday and her odd encounter with Ed Sheeran!

Christian Wright - Mastering Engineer

With over 20 years at the studios, hear his thoughts on how music has changed, how Jay-Z and Beyoncé took his spot and how he doesn’t sit in a room with cassettes anymore. 

Andrew Dudman - Senior Engineer

From being there when Star Wars recorded ‘Duel of the Fates’ to the Lord of the Rings trilogy and how he didn’t recognise Richard Attenborough. Andrew has been across some pretty big cultural moments. 

Karim Fanous - Innovation Manager

Abbey Road has always been famous for innovation in tech. Karim is now in charge of it all (no pressure). Hear about some of the new innovations coming out of the studio and how he nearly knocked over Nile Rodgers!

Marta Di Nozzi & Joe Wyatt - Assistant Engineer & Runner

We chat with two of the newest members of the engineering team who have started on their path at the studios. Hear their journeys and new discoveries including hiding from Prince Harry!

Doreen & David - Hospitality Legends

From dancing with Chic to stirring bubbles out of champagne for Shirley Bassey. These two have seen it all from behind the bar. We chat with two beloved characters from the studios.

Vera LovesMore favourites this month
Along with music from top artists, we have a selection of audio content to help you sleep, relax or meditate.

Boarding music

To support our Wellness and Sleep offerings already within Vera we are making a positive change to our boarding music playlists.

Now in the evenings when you fly with us we play a more relaxed playlist, this will create a more laid back vibe whilst boarding.

It’s created with Wellness in mind and with the aim to relax, lower the heart rate and encourage you to settle down, creating the ambience for a night flight.

The playlist will include a mix of familiar and new tracks and will be available to listen to on Virgin Atlantic Vera.