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In Vera Audio you’ll find a virtual flight case full of trending albums from the biggest artists in pop, hip hop and rock to name a few plus an engrossing world of podcasts, and mind-tickling ASMR and meditations to relax or zone out to. Looking for inspiration? Check out The List exclusives – that’s where we interview artists, listen to their playlists and find out the music that influences and inspires them.

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Bakar - Halo Vera Loves

Camden-born Bakar has an indie sound shot through the prism of his Yemeni and Tanzanian heritage.

The result is gorgeous.

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Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan - The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess Vera Loves

Roan’s tantalising debut mixes heart-forward and sometimes eviscerating lyrics with upfront rock/pop. 


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The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers - For That Beautiful FeelingVera Loves

This tenth album of psychedelic 4x4 beats reminds us that nobody beats The Chems for euphoric instrumental dance music.


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Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine Bailey Rae - Black Rainbow Vera Loves

Corinne’s stylistic u-turn has seen her go from polite electronica to fierce, political punk – and critics love it.


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Doja Cat

Doja Cat - Scarlet Vera Loves

This fourth album finds LA-born Doja Cat twisting pop and hip hop to her own candy-coated ends.


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Hot Milk

Hot Milk - A Call to the Void Vera Loves

Everyone knows you need to be careful when you heat milk. The same is true when it comes to pressing

 a label on Hot Milk. Are they emo? Are they pop-rock? Are they part of the Manchester Music explosion? Who cares when the tunes are this good? 

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Hozier - Unreal UnearthVera Loves

His success has been incredible (multi-platinum album sales, number one records, Grammy-nominations)

but Irish-born Hozier has kept his art close, meaning that this, his third, album is as intimate and personal as ever. 

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Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith - Falling or Flying Vera Loves

Walsall R&B star Jorja Smith embraces maturity with this second album bridging jazz, soul, R&B and funky house.


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Olivia Dean

Jungle - Volcano Vera Loves

Producers Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, aka Jungle, are back with a fourth album, which not only

leans into the band’s love of soul but, they say, sees the music ‘now getting to this place where it sounds freer, and more off the cuff than it's ever done’.

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Kamaal Williams

Kamaal Williams - StingsVera Loves

Stings features Williams’ homegrown mix of jazz, hip-hop, R&B and EDM. Imagine jazz – except jazz in space.


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Ke$ha - Gag Order Vera Loves

Kesha reckons that musically this album is a confection of all her fave musical styles – from hyperpop to gospel

– while lyrically the themes are darker than usual, dealing with death, depression, control, hope and a quest for truth. The result is an angry yet uplifting album. 

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Kim Petras

Kim Petras - Problématique Vera Loves

The first openly transgender artist to win a Grammy, Petras has unleashed a second album exploring themes of love and sex.


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Laufey - Bewitched Vera Loves

Icelandic singer Laufey’s sophomore album borrows as much from Taylor Swift as it does from Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald. 


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Mae Muller

Mae Muller - Sorry I’m Late... Again Vera Loves

Like the yoghurts bearing her name, Mae Muller has two sides – pop and R&B – which mixed together form a delicious whole.


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Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade - Psychopath Vera Loves

With the plaudits to match her tattoos (i.e., she’s up to her neck in them and they’re very colourful)

Morgan’s 2021 debut album, Reckless, snagged a place on Rolling Stone’s best-of-year list. Could album number two possibly top it? The answer is a button-click away. 

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Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo - Guts Vera Loves

Having taken the pop world by storm with her stunning debut album, it seemed unlikely that Olivia could catch lightning

in a bottle a second time around. Well guess what? She has. From the uproarious Bad Idea, Right? To the excoriating Vampire, this is an essential follow-up.

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Willie J Healey

Willie J Healey - Bunny Vera Loves

Imagine Elvis Costello meets The Beatles. Now imagine Florence Welch, Alex Turner, Joe from Idles and Jamie T

all queuing up to sings the praises of this musical entity. Congratulations, you have just imagined Willie J Healey. 

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Olivia Rodrigo

Curio - Audio Content Vera Loves

Selection of beautifully narrated audio content handpicked from leading publications by Curio.


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In each themed series, we bring you episodes featuring exclusive interviews and a behind the scenes look at the people, places, events and culture featured in Vera magazine.

Icons: Aerosmith


Whatever they get up to in elevators doesn’t matter – Aerosmith are gold-plated rock legends. Icons, if you will. 

Retro: Dance


Take a trip back to a warehouse, field, or the club dancefloor with the classic tracks which your parents probably danced to. 

Just Desi Hits


Some of the biggest hits coming from the Indian subcontinent capturing the newest sound from the regions.


Latin Flavours


Embrace the South American sound with this collection of modern cuts that are rocking the continent. 

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Depending on your flight time you’ll be listening to our Day or Night Boarding Music Playlist.

In the evenings when you fly with us we play a more relaxed playlist, creating a laid back vibe and during the day enjoy an upbeat mix of familiar and new tracks, both are available to listen to on Virgin Atlantic Vera


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