Vera LovesOur favourites this month
Along with music from top artists, we have a selection of audio content to help you sleep, relax or meditate.

Conan Gray - Superache

Having made his name on TikTok, singer-songwriter Conan Gray carved a reputation as ‘the prince of sad songs’. This, his second album, combines pop bangers with confessional wounded lyrics and is, in short, the sound of heartbreak you can dance to.

Various Artists - Essentials: J-Pop

Mixing styles from classical Japan, Western influence pop and rock, anime and a host of others, spun in a way that only the Japanese know how. Expect big synths, big riffs and even bigger energy – J-Pop style.

Various Artists - Maverick(s)

Two icons, ‘mavericks’ if you will, graced the silver screen this year, one real life and one fictional, but you get the theme. Celebrate music from their respected soundtracks, Top Gun: Maverick and Elvis, and a host of other musical ‘mavericks’. 

The White Stripes - White Blood Cells

Although The White Stripes’ third album was recorded in just four days, in order to keep it ‘as unorganized as possible’ according to Jack White, it nevertheless proved to be their commercial breakthrough. Why? That would be the superlative songwriting, then. 

Diana Ross - Icons

Having nailed her Glastonbury ‘legends’ slot, Diana Ross is once again blipping hard on the cultural radar (although the idea that she was ever off, it is very much up for debate). Here’s a chance to appreciate the disco diva’s iconic output, afresh.

Various Artists - Essentials: Mandarin

C-pop or Mandopop (sung in Mandarin) has been benefiting from the huge influence coming from South Korea and Japan, and with a country of billions backing them, the pop sound of Chinese pop is here to stay. 

Various Artists - Pure Pop

When pop goes even more pop! Expect some of your favourite ‘school disco’ moments and ‘holiday bangers’ compressed into one massive playlist. Remember Steps, Las Ketchup, Aqua? Yep - they’re all here. 

Various Artists - Electric Live

Head down to the mosh pit and embrace the feel of a live concert without the worry about running out of drink or needing the loo. A collection of live recordings from some of the world’s biggest acts performed in cities around the world. 

Various Artists - Feel Good Acoustic

Recharge and feel good on your flight with this collection of acoustic hits that will put a smile on your face. Acoustic renditions of pop tunes accompanied with live instruments, recorded in a live setting all with a single aim.

Various Artists - R&B Bangers

Time to hit the dancefloor, or just have a wiggle in your seat, as we deep dive into some of the biggest ‘booty-shaking’ R&B bangers that have rocked your night out. Expect Beyonce, Kelis, Usher and more. 

Boarding music

To support our Wellness and Sleep offerings already within Vera we are making a positive change to our boarding music playlists.

Now in the evenings when you fly with us we play a more relaxed playlist, this will create a more laid back vibe whilst boarding.

It’s created with Wellness in mind and with the aim to relax, lower the heart rate and encourage you to settle down, creating the ambience for a night flight.

The playlist will include a mix of familiar and new tracks and will be available to listen to on Virgin Atlantic Vera.