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The TV shows onboard are handpicked from binge worthy boxsets, laugh-out-loud comedies right through to thought provoking documentaries.


Art of Nature II

From deep under the sea to high on mountain tops, experience the beauty of the Earth...


Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens

Sitcom in which the awesome Awkwafina plays Nora, a 20-something who lives in Queens and plays videogames while figuring out what she wants from life.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This comedy set in a New York cop shop has been hoovering up Emmy awards and Golden Globes for almost a decade. Its secret is a brilliant ensemble cast skilled at serving up character-based laughs. We have eps from the brilliant season seven onboard.



This Danish animated documentary spins the amazing tale of Amin, who on the eve of his wedding is compelled to reveal the true story of his past. Beautifully crafted and packing a real emotional punch – little wonder it was nominated for no less than three Oscars.

Certificate 15


Starring the brilliant Sarah Lancashire, Julia tells the frequently incredible story of real-life cooking pioneer Julia Childs – the brains behind the food television revolution.




The Last Kingdom

Based on Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling series of novels, The Last Kingdom is a gritty but absorbing drama focussing on Saxon warrior Uhtred, who as a kid was kidnapped during a raid and then raised by Vikings. Can Uhtred reclaim his ancestral birthright?

Certificate 18


Mediterranean: Life Under Seige

The first instalment of this landmark series about the world of the Mediterranean focuses on a young sperm whale, a monk seal, a loggerhead sea turtle, a family of storks, a sea eagle and an island cat.


There are few footballers quite as storied as Wayne Mark Rooney. This documentary not only charts his progress from schoolboy stardom to all-time top scorer for England, but also deals with his, ahem, ‘shortcomings’ as a role model and family man.



The life and career of cricket legend Shane Warne (who died suddenly in March of this year) is covered in this documentary that covers the extraordinary highs – and the lows – of what was a glittering, inspiring career.

Certificate 15


The Sinner

Bill Pullman returns as detective Harry Ambrose who must investigate a tragedy involving the daughter of a prominent family.

Certificate 15


The brilliant sitcom Superstore, set in – guess where? – a huge chain store, returns for a fourth season.

Certificate 12

Sweet Tooth

This acclaimed series is set in a post-apocalyptic world populated by hybrids. Our hero, Gus, is a half-boy, half-deer, who begins to wonder what lurks ‘beyond the fence’...

Certificate 12


The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe

Eddie Marsan heads the cast in the astounding true-life story of John Darwin, who hatched a plan to fake his own death and claim the life insurance.

Trigger Point

Coming from the pen of Jed ‘Line of Duty’ Mercurio you would expect this bomb disposal drama to be full of gut-wrenching twists, fiendish double-crosses, and, of course, nail-biting races against time. And you would be right to expect that, because that’s exactly what you get.

Certificate 15

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