Whether you want to send some emails, catch up on social media or browse the news, our WiFi will make sure you can stay connected to the wonderful worldwide web during your flight.

How to get connected 

Enable the WiFi on your device when the crew let you know that it's safe to do so. As always, make sure your phone is switched to flight safe mode and mobile data is disabled when you're in the air.

Navigate to the portal at virgin-atlantic-wifi.com (if not taken there automatically) to get started. Further details can be found in our inflight magazine, Vera.

Charges vary, depending on which package you choose and the aircraft type. 

In-seat power

Power up your devices on the go

Keep your portable electronic devices running with the USB socket available in every seat.

Many of our seats also feature 110V AC sockets to power bigger devices like laptops. The socket is a universal receptacle that accepts the following types of plugs:

US - Two blades, with or without extra ground pin

EU - Two cylindrical prong plug

UK - Three pin plug

Please disconnect your devices when you're not using them.

Upper Class

UK/US/EU power outlet & USB

Premium UK/US/EU power outlet & USB
Economy USB only  (UK/US/EU power outlet & USB on our Boeing 787-9 aircraft)

What devices can I use during the flight?

Using electronic devices onboard

You can use electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets, eReaders and music players throughout the flight. Please switch them to flight safe mode when the aircraft door closes for departure. If your device has no flight safe mode, please keep it switched off throughout the flight, for safety reasons.

If you're using a laptop, you'll need to switch it off and put it away for taxi, take off and landing.

Bluetooth headphones can be used with your own devices during the flight, you'll just need to switch them off during take off and landing. And if you are using your headphones, make sure you still listen to the safety briefing before take off.

Electronic devices When can I use it?
Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, eReaders and music players, Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones. Throughout the flight excluding take-off and landing
Connective devices without a flight safe mode. Before the aircraft doors are closed