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80 for Brady

Starring: Tom Brady, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno

A redoubtable cast of evergreen performers star in this sports comedy movie. Who, you ask? Try Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field, playing lifelong friends who embark on a mission to go to the Super Bowl and meet their hero, Tom Brady. 

Certificate 12  Closed-Caption  Audio description


Starring: Paul Mescal, Frankie Corio

From first-time director Charlotte Wells comes this sweetly romantic and really rather brilliant coming-of-age drama about an 11-year-old girl, Sophie, who while on holiday with her dad befriends older teenagers and begins to learn about life. 

Certificate 12  Closed-Caption  

Assassin Club

Starring: Henry Goulding, Noomi Rapace, Daniela Melchior

Unlike Fight Club, Assassin Club doesn’t have rules, it just has two possible options: kill or be killed. This is what hitman Morgan discovers when he’s hired to kill seven people – only to discover that they have also been hired to kill him.

Certificate 15  Closed Caption


Starring: Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Diego Calva

Lengthy and challenging, Babylon wrenches wonderful performance form Pitt and Robbie to tell the story of excess and depravity in early Hollywood. It’s fair to say that critics have been divided, but those who loved it, LOVED it.

Certificate 18  


Starring: Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert, Mel Gibson

Telling the mainly true story of a criminal who goes on a bank-robbing spree while being hunted by cops and trying to hold down a relationship, Bandit is by turns funny, dramatic, action-packed and heartfelt. 

Certificate 15  Closed-Caption  

Bank of Dave

Starring: Rory Kinnear, Joel Frye, Phoebe Dynevor

This true-life story of Burnley man Dave Fishwick (Kinnear), who in 2011 set up his own bank in order to serve his community, does the impossible. It takes the world of banking – or at least Dave’s bit of it – and turns it into it funny and supremely charming entertainment. 

Certificate 12  

The Banshees of Inisherin

Starring: Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean

Two lifelong friends are at an impasse when one ends their relationship.

Certificate 15  

Call Jane

Starring: Elizabeth Banks, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Mara

Banks (who elsewhere has written and directed Cocaine Bear) leads the cast in this acclaimed drama. She plays 1950’s housewife Joy, who in order to have a lifesaving abortion must make contact with a mysterious underground women’s network called The Janes.

Certificate 12

Empire of Light

Starring: Olivia Colman, Micheal Ward, Tom Brooke

From Sam Mendes, a moving drama about human connection in turbulent times.

Certificate 15  

The Fabelmans

Starring: Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen

Spielberg’s most personal movie yet tells of young Sammy Fabelman, who aches to be a movie director. However, Sammy soon discovers that his family life may not be all it seems. What emerges is (yet another) masterpiece from the master.

Certificate 12  Closed-Caption  

House Party

Starring: Tosin Cole, Jacob Latimore, Karen Obilam

If you’re of a certain age (which is a nice way of saying, ‘if you’re ancient’) you’ll remember the original House Party, a raucous comedy starring hip hop duo Kid ’n’ Play. This new version is described as a ‘remix’ – where the laughs come just as thick and fast.

Closed-Caption  Audio description

The Inspection

Starring: Jeremy Pope, Gabrielle Union, Bokeem Woodbine

Writer-director Elegance Bratton’s acclaimed debut is the tale of Ellis, who having been turfed out of his home for his sexuality, decides to join the Marines. There he finds prejudice and challenges beyond his imaginings – but also camaraderie and fellowship.

Certificate 15  Closed-Caption  


Starring: Aimee Lou Wood, Bill Nighy, Alex Sharp

Living is the story of an ordinary man, reduced by years of oppressive office routine to a shadow existence, who at the eleventh hour makes a supreme effort to turn his dull life into something wonderful.

Certificate 12  

The Lost King

Starring: Sally Hawkins, Steve Coogan, Harry Lloyd

The incredible true story of how Richard III’s remains were found in a Leicester car park is told in this comedy-drama from legendary (and Leicester-born) director Stephen Frears. 

Certificate 12  Closed Caption

A Man Called Otto

Starring: Tom Hanks, Mariana Treviño, Rachel Keller

A cranky retired man strikes up an unlikely friendship with his boisterous new neighbours. A remake of the 2015 Swedish film. 

Certificate 15  Audio description

The Man from Toronto

Starring: Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, Kaley Cuoco

Hart and Harrelson make a great pairing as a hitman and a loser who are mistaken for each other at an Airbnb. True, the critics have not been kind to this one, but if it’s funny, undemanding entertainment you’re after, this is your man. 

Certificate 12


Starring: Storm Reid, Nia Long, Joaquim de Almeida

A tale of a teenager who hunts for her missing mother using only the tech at her fingertips – proper edge-of-your-seat stuff with a wicked twist in its tail.

Certificate 15  

My Policeman

Starring: Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, Gina McKee

By any standards, Harry Styles is so hot right now (as Zoolander’s Mugatu might say). He’s won Grammy awards, Brit awards, acting accolades and now the lead role in this poignant and acclaimed drama about a love triangle between a married cop, a museum curator, and his partner. 

Certificate 15  Closed-Caption  Audio description

Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre

Starring: Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza, Josh Hartnett

Guy Richie’s latest finds him once again working with Statham and – in an absolutely side-splitting, showstopping, scene-stealing turn, – Hugh Grant for a tale that you could safely describe as Mission Impossible meets Snatch.

Closed-Caption  Audio description

She Said

Starring: Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan

The investigation into movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is the subject of this drama focusing on New York Times reporters Megan Twohey (Mulligan) and Jodi Kantor (Kazan). The result is an absorbing slice of procedural journalism that details the legwork in full.

Certificate 15  Closed-Caption  Audio description

Shotgun Wedding

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Jennifer Coolidge

If you’re looking for undemanding fare, Shotgun Wedding ticks the box using human blood for ink. Starring J Lo and Duhamel on scintillating form, this tale of a couple who fight back against pirates who gate-crash their wedding is gory and action-packed. 

Certificate 15

The Son

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, Zen McGrath, Anthony Hopkins

No doubt about it, The Son is an emotionally shattering experience – just as you might expect from Zeller, the director of The Father. In it, Jackman and Kirby play the couple who must look after Jackman’s grown-up son – and let’s just say the new arrangement doesn’t go well.

Certificate 15

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

Starring: Kunal Nayyar, Lucy Hale, David Arquette

A very sweet and romantic tearjerker here, with Nayyar as Fikry, who in the wake of his wife’s death is falling into ever deeper despair. However, a visitor to his bookstore is about to change his life, and if you’re wondering how, well, the clue is in the word ‘romantic’.


Starring: Cate Blanchett, Noémie Merlant, Adam Gopnik

On one thing we can all agree: Blanchett absolutely owns this acclaimed, provocative, and very timely drama. As Lydia Tár, a conductor accused of sexual abuse, she gives a towering, note-perfect performance that has, quite rightly, been nominated for every award worth having. 

Certificate 15  Closed Caption


Starring: Danielle Deadwyler, Jalyn Hall, Jamie Renell

In 1955, African American boy Emmett Till was tortured and lynched. His crime? Whistling at a white woman. This biopic focuses on his mum, Mamie, who pursued justice, and the impact of her work on the civil rights movement. Not an easy watch, Till is, however, an essential one.

Certificate 15  Closed-Caption  Audio description

The Whale

Starring: Brendan Fraser, Sadie Sink, Hong Chau

You might have heard about this one. It stars Fraser in a career-reviving turn as an obese teacher attempting to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter. Much drama ensues in what is a rewarding watch anchored by Fraser’s incredible performance.

Certificate 15  Closed Caption

Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Starring: Naomi Ackie, Nafessa Williams, Clarke Peters

The complex and untold story of the incomparable Whitney Houston, the voice of a generation. 

Certificate 12


Starring: Alexandra Daddario, Jean Smart, Kiernan Shipka

A brilliantly performed, soul-searching and humorous drama, Wildflower tells the tale of Bea Johnson. Literally, that’s what it does. It follows her life from birth to graduation as she struggles with an intellectually disabled parents and an extended family who never agree on how to help.

Women Talking

Starring: Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley

Winner of the best screenplay Oscar for actor-turned-director Sarah Polley, Women Talking uses its superb ensemble cast to tell the true-life story of a community of women who in the wake of a sexual assault revelation must decide on a course of action. 

Certificate 15  Closed-Caption  Audio description

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