This page tells you how to use Your Bid, our online upgrade auction, to upgrade on your next flight.

If you're thinking of upgrading (hey, why wouldn’t you?) you can make us an offer on Your Bid, our online auction for upgrades. If your bid is accepted, you could very well score yourself a swanky new seat.

Remember upgrades are subject to availability on your flight. If you don't get the chance to bid, it's still worth checking for upgrade opportunities in My Booking, or ask us at the airport for upgrade options.

Feeling lucky?

Fancy treating yourself to a little more luxury on your flight, and a little flutter at the same time? Imagine settling into your Delight, Premium or Upper Class seat, stretching out, and enjoying the five-star treatment all the way to your destination.

Economy Delight

Fancy a little extra treat and a whole lotta legroom? If you’re flying in Economy Light or Classic, you can bid to upgrade to an Economy Delight seat, giving you more space to stretch out, as well as Premium check in, priority boarding, and first dibs on overhead storage. Go on,  head over to My booking and make a bid. You deserve it.

Bid for an upgrade


If you have a booking in Economy, did you know you can bid to upgrade to our Premium cabin?  You'll have more space, priority boarding, upgraded dining and lots of extra touches to make your flight even more enjoyable. Make a bid, and give yourself a lovely treat

Bid for an upgrade

Upper Class

Dreaming of turning left? If you're already booked in Economy or Premium, you can bid to upgrade to the ultimate VIP experience in Upper Class. Fully flat beds, an onboard social space and access to award-winning Clubhouses are all within reach. Just make a bid, and keep your fingers crossed.

Bid for an upgrade

How Your Bid works

  1. Retrieve your booking
  2. Simply tell us how much you’re willing to pay for an upgrade, by making a bid. Bids can be made up to two days before your flight is due to depart. 
  3. If your bid is accepted, congratulations, you've just bagged yourself an upgrade. We’ll send you an email to let you know. 
  4. You can make changes to your bid, or cancel it if you change your mind, until two days before your flight is due to depart, as long as it hasn’t already been accepted.

Read the full Terms and Conditions for Your Bid