Economy Delight means you can speed through the airport by using Premium check in desks, enjoy priority boarding, and get first dibs on overhead storage before settling into your extra legroom seat with 34" seat pitch.

Economy Classic comes with advanced standard seat assignment included, so there's no worries about paying extra to get the seats you want, next to the people you want. 

And if you're happy to pack less, Economy Light means you still get everything you’d expect on a great flight - but at a price you wouldn’t. 

All our Economy services include delicious food, entertainment and irresistible personal service. 

All Economy services include
  • Onboard WiFi^
  • Free 10kg hand luggage
  • 300+ hours of TV and films
  • Complimentary drinks and snacks
  • A choice of tasty 3 course meals
  • Inseat power for your devices
  • Kids goodie packs^^

^from £2.99 ^^flights from UK

Our Economy onboard experience

Economy Light

Pack light and pay less.


icon  Meals, drinks and snacks included

icon Hand luggage only

icon Select standard seat at check in

Economy Classic

Little extras that make a big difference.

icon  Meals, drinks and snacks included

icon 1 x 23kg checked bag*

icon Select standard seat anytime

icon Upgradeable with miles

Economy Delight

A bit more legroom, a lot more style.

icon  Meals, drinks and snacks included

icon 1 x 23kg checked bag*

iconSelect seat anytime

icon Upgradeable with miles

icon Extra legroom seat

icon Premium check in

icon Priority boarding

Economy Light doesn't have checked bags or advance seat assignment included, so if you need them, go for Economy Classic or Delight.
If you change your mind after you've booked, you can pay to choose your seat in advance from £30 each way in My booking, or take a checked in bag from £45 each way. More on extra baggage here.

*Passengers flying to or from Delhi, Mumbai, Lagos and Johannesburg have a different baggage allowance.

More information about Economy seating

If you're travelling in Economy Light or Economy Classic on one of our 747 aircraft you can choose to sit on the upper deck for an extra charge. Often referred to as 'the bubble', it has a more intimate atmosphere than the main economy cabin. 

If you'd like to upgrade your standard seat to an exit row seat for some extra space, you can do, from only £49 one way. Just head to My booking to check for availability and to book. Alternatively, contact us via whatsapp, text or phone (details below), or just ask at the airport when you check in. Prices may vary in the airport and bear in mind that seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Need to knows:

  • To travel in an exit row seat, you must be at least 16 years old on the day of travel, and you cannot be travelling with infants.
  • You must also be fit and able bodied, as in an emergency situation you will need to be able to open the exit door unaided.
  • There may be a bit more bustle around you as the exit rows are often near to the galleys and/or toilets.
  • On some aircraft the additional legroom in the exit window seat can be less in comparison to those next to it. However, all exit row seats offer additional legroom when compared to our standard Economy Classic seating.

Silver Flying Club members are entitled to free standard seat assignment in Economy Light at any time. Anyone else on your booking who isn't a Silver or Gold Flying Club member will need to pay the standard fee to choose their seat in advance though.

If you're a Gold Flying Club member flying Economy Light you can choose seats in advance at any time for free, along with anyone else travelling with you. You can also select an  exit row seat for yourself for free (subject to availability).

Choose your seats now in My booking.


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