Check in

From the moment you arrive at the airport, you'll see everything we’re doing to ensure your safety and wellbeing. So that everyone can maintain a safe distance, we’ll be limiting the numbers of customers in our check in zones so please make sure you allow more time than usual for your journey at the airport.

Keeping a safe distance

We all need a little space sometimes. We’ve added queue markers to help you keep your distance while you wait to check in, and we’re limiting the number of customers in the queues to ensure everyone can maintain a safe distance.

Regular cleaning of every surface

Our check in desks and self-service stations are all cleaned and disinfected regularly with high-grade products, tested to be effective against viruses. You won’t be picking up any unwanted passengers here. 

Sanitising stations

Stay well. Use hand gel. There will be hand washing and sanitisation opportunities available throughout your journey. Please use them whenever possible

Face masks

All our people will be wearing face masks when in close contact with our customers. Don’t worry — we’re still smiling underneath. We encourage you to wear masks too whenever you can at the airport. You’ll find the latest UK Government guidance on wearing masks at the airport here.

Health screening and temperature checks

If you see teams asking questions and conducting expected temperature checks at the airports, we’re working with our partners, to make sure everyone is symptom free and safe to fly.

Going through security

You'll spot some extra measures in place as you make your way through airport security.

Working closely with our airport partners

We work closely with all the airports we fly to and from, who follow similar international and national advice on health and safety measures as we do. See the measures London Heathrow Airport are taking.

Security trays

All your personal items will be safe — security trays will be wiped down frequently throughout the day.

Masks and gloves

Security staff may be wearing masks and gloves for your protection and theirs.

Reduced lanes

So that everyone can keep a safe distance here, you may see fewer lanes open as you go through security so please allow more time than usual for your journey at the airport.


Safe distancing is our priority at the gate and throughout boarding. We’ll be keeping you safe and sound as you’re about to leave the ground.

Regular cleaning and sanitisation

To make sure you can make a clean getaway, all the seating and gate areas are regularly cleaned and sanitised to the highest standard by airport teams.

Passports and boarding passes

We will ask you to scan your own boarding pass and hold up your passport for inspection to minimise contact. Don’t worry, our teams will still be there to greet you with the warm welcome you’d expect.

Priority boarding assistance

Customers who require additional time or assistance will board as a priority, we’ll be more than happy to help you first. You can see the additional measures we’re taking across our special assistance services here.

A few customers at a time

Boarding will be limited to small groups of customers at a time, starting from the back of the aircraft to minimise contact. Please follow the spacing markers and we’ll all be at a safe distance.

Meticulous cleaning onboard

Our aircraft cleaning teams are trained to meet our high cleanliness standards to provide our customers and crew with a safe and comfortable onboard experience.


We clean everything onboard with hospital-grade products before every flight, wiping down seat pockets, tray tables, screens, overhead lockers, bathrooms… you name it. We also use fogging (electrostatic spraying) of high-grade disinfectant in all our cabins before every flight, ensuring no surface is left untouched.

HEPA filters

You can breathe easy with our onboard HEPA filters, which use a vertical airflow and extract more than 99.999% of particles from the air, including bacteria and viruses.


Our washrooms onboard are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised to the highest standard before and after every flight. On top of that, we have sharpened our washroom standards and procedures onboard for enhanced checks and sanitisation throughout the flight.

At your seat

We’ve introduced practices to match—and in many cases exceed—the health and safety guidance from leading health and aviation authorities.

Health Pack

We’ve got you covered. Everyone flying with us will get a Health Pack onboard with medical grade masks, surface wipes and hand gel. If you choose to bring your own, that’s great too.

Masks are required

Speaking of masks — we will require you to wear yours at all times on the plane. If everyone gets onboard with this idea, we’ll all be safer.*

Lightening the load

You won’t find our Vera inflight magazine or our Retail Therapy service onboard for now. We’ve lightened the load to minimise contact. Don’t worry our great duty free deals will still be available for you to pre-order here.

A temporary new look food and drink service

We’ve changed some of our food and drink onboard to make sure we can keep interaction to a lighter touch.

We all need a little space sometimes

Where possible, depending on how busy your flight is, we’ll try and leave empty seats between travellers who are on separate bookings. If you have a space next to you, please keep these free, and mind the gap. 


Holidays with us

Throughout your journey with Virgin Atlantic Holidays, we’ll do everything we can to give you peace of mind and confidence so you can simply enjoy your holiday.

Stores reopening soon

Preparation is underway to give you a warm welcome in store, with additional measures to maintain hygiene with regular cleaning of surfaces and ensuring you and our team can keep a safe distance by limiting the number of people in store.

Safety first

We continue to work closely with our airline, hotel, cruise, car hire, and other travel partners to ensure the highest standards of health and safety. The checks we undertake on your behalf ensure you can relax and enjoy your holiday worry free.

Always with you

Whilst you are away, we’ll be here for you. Our team will be on hand 24 hours a day and will be there to answer any questions you have and ensure you have a fabulous holiday.

See the measures we’re taking

Take a closer look at the measures we're putting in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers and our people, both on the ground and in the air

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Fly safe, fly well: Onboard

From our meticulous cleaning practices onboard, to providing every customer with a personal Health Pack with medical grade masks, the health and safety of our customers and our people is —and always has been—our number one priority.
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Fly safe, fly well: At the airport

At every stage of your journey, you’re in safe hands. See the measures we’re putting in place at the airport to give you peace of mind when you travel with us.

Flying with our partners

Whether you’re travelling with us or one of our trusted partners, your health and safety remains our priority. We are each following the highest standards in line with guidance from the leading health and aviation authorities. Find out about the additional measures our partners are taking to keep you safe.

Air France

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* It is mandatory for both customers and cabin crew teams to wear masks throughout the flight, at all times, except when eating or drinking.

There are some exceptions as follows:

  • It is not mandatory for children under 6 to wear a mask, they can of course wear one if they choose to.
  • If you’re unable to wear a mask on medical grounds, it’s important you advise our Special Assistance team in advance here.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency situation onboard, our cabin crew may instruct you to remove your mask, including if the onboard oxygen masks are deployed.