We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that IATA Resolution 830d mandates that agents actively ask each passenger whether they wish to have their contact details (mobile number and/or email) provided to Virgin Atlantic, and other airlines in the itinerary, so that we are able to contact them in the event of flight disruption, including delay, cancellation, schedule change, or important pre-travel information such as specific entry requirements.   Where the passenger does not wish to provide their contact details, you should advise the passenger that they may not receive information from us.

Latest VSbulletin Updates


We’re changing but your discounts are staying the same.

We would like to let you know that the way we file our corporate reference fares is changing.

To date our corporate reference fares have been denoted with the second character in the taxonomy being Y.

For example in I class the first two characters would be IY with the full fare basis being IYUF0AMN.
The new corporate reference fare will be denoted with the eighth character being X.

Therefore the new corporate reference fare in I class will be IS00AENX for return fares. 


Sales Support

Where possible we would kindly request that you contact us using our Get in touch form and the team will continue to work hard to respond to your queries within 72 hours between Monday and Friday. 

This will allow us greater combinability with our JV partners and provide more flexibility to you and your travellers.  

No, the % discounts offered will remain the same. 

Over time we will update our TIs to reflect the new taxonomy but you can still continue to refer to the old ones.

Any fare quote commands remain unchanged, all that has changed is the fare basis used for the corporate reference fare. 

No, there have been no changes.

Yes, where available this will now be (*)S00BENX.

VSbulletin - Advance Seat Assignment Changes effective 19 Sep 2023

We want all our customers to love their experience when they fly with us and recognise that many feel reassured by pre-assigning their favourite seat at the time of booking. To allow our customers to personalise their journeys the way they choose, we’re updating the ways in which we offer advanced seat selection in the economy cabin. This allows customers to secure extra legroom, their preferred window or aisle seat or simply provide the peace of mind that their travelling party will be sat together.

Our Flying Club Gold members will be able to select their seat free of charge at the time of booking, whilst Silver members can pre-select their seats from seven days before they fly. For our other customers, they will have the option to pay to pre-select their seat on www.virginatlantic.com, or choose to select free of charge once check-in opens, 24 hours before departure.

Customers who booked before 19 September will still be offered free of charge seat assignments. Charges for preferred seats, extra legroom and exit rows still apply.

For our corporate customers, existing process applies.

Sales Support
Where possible we would kindly request that you contact us using our Get in touch form and the team will continue to work hard to respond to your queries within 72 hours between Monday and Friday.

Yes, any customers with bookings that were made prior to 19 September will still be able to assign seats for free throughout their journey (excluding Economy Light).

All seats in Economy (Light, Classic, Delight) are free to select when online check in opens 24 hours before departure with the exception of preferred and exit row seats. If customers would like to select seats in advance of online check in opening, they can but they will need to pay the applicable fee. 

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold & Delta Diamond & Platinum members will continue to be able to assign standard seats for free from the time their booking is created for their entire party. The member will also continue to receive free Preferred and Exit seats from the time their booking is made. 


Flying Club Red members will continue to pay for seats prior to online check in opening.

We always seat children under 12 years old next to, behind or across the aisle from a parent. A family can select and pay for seats at time of booking, alternatively we will allocate the child and parent a seat together just before online check in opens free of charge. 

Families can still pay for seats together from the time of booking. If there is a bassinet request in the booking then this will get reviewed just before online check in opens. If the passenger is allocated a bassinet they will be moved into that seat. If they have pre-paid for a different seat there is no refund for the original seat. If they haven’t paid for any seat they will be allocated the bassinet seat free of charge. If a bassinet is unavailable they will be allocated a standard seat free of charge. 

If there are no free seats left to assign when online check in opens and customers don’t want to pay for a Preferred or Exit seat, the check in desk at the airport can allocate seats for them. 

They can still access seats in ‘My Booking’ on virginatatlantic.com and select a seat.

If we reschedule the customers flight, we will endeavour to reseat them in a similar seat. If we do this then the original amount they’ve paid for the seat is non refundable. However, if we move the customer into a seat that is not like for like then we will refund the original amount paid for the seat. 

The customer can apply for a refund of the original seat cost. 

Customers travelling to Jamaica will need to complete an online passenger declaration form, also known as an Electronic C5. Paper forms will no longer be accepted.

You can find the form here. It can be completed online up to 30 days before the customers date of arrival and will help to reduce congestion on entering Jamaica.

If the lead passenger is travelling with a spouse or children under the age of 18 years, they can complete one declaration form. For everyone else, they will need to complete their own form.

Passengers arriving without completing this form will be asked by the authorities to complete this on their mobile devices on arrival into Jamaica, before they are permitted to enter the immigration hall. It is therefore highly recommended that this is completed in advance, especially if support from a family member is needed to help complete the form online.


Sales Support

Where possible we would kindly request that you contact us using our Get in touch form and the team will continue to work hard to respond to your queries within 72 hours between Monday and Friday. 

Policy updates


Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19 we are temporarily suspending the carriage of unaccompanied minors, aged 5 to 11 years old. This decision has been made with the health and safety of our people and customers at the front of our minds.


We will continue to review the situation and keep you up to date with any changes.  


Our flexibility policy may be used for any unaccompanied minors that you may have booked for travel. Details can be found on our VSflyinghub


YPTA Customers

All information, including the consent form now required for anyone travelling alone age 14 – 16 years and what to do if the customer has medical conditions can be found here


YPTA travelling to Barbados

We need to let you know that we require further information for YPTA customers when travelling to Barbados (LHRBGI)


Our teams will be calling nominated guardians meeting any YPTA customers up to 4 hours prior to our flight arrival. This is to ensure that nominated guardians are at the airport to meet them and to be present in case the YPTA customer is held at the airport for any length of time due to current PCR testing requirements.


To enable our Barbados team to contact nominated guardians we require the below structured remarks to be added to the OSI field


  • This applies for LHRBGI sectors only










It is also essential the YPTA SSR is added to the PNR a minimum of 72 hours prior to departure


If you have any questions about this, please contact Sales Support at sales.support@fly.virgin.com.

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For DL ticketed customers please contact UK Delta Sales Support on 0800 783 0747 or Email SalesSupport.uk@delta.com

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