We will be making it easier to reach Silver and Gold in 2022

When the status extension period ends on 31st March 2022, we’re making it easier to move up through the Flying Club membership tiers.

You’ll now just need 300 Tier Points instead of 400 to earn or retain Silver membership status and 800 Tier Points instead of 1000 to earn or retain Gold status. You could earn those with three return flights in Economy* over a year. Or treat yourself to two flight in Upper Class** and glide straight to Gold.

This reduction will remain in place for 12 months from 1st April 2022, so you have plenty of time to upgrade your membership.

*Three return flights if booked in Y B R L U M class, or six return flights if booked in E Q T X N O class

**Two return flights if booked in J C D I class, or four return flights if booked in Z class.


Full Flying Club terms and conditions

Holidays are even more rewarding


We are giving you a new way to earn tier points and even more Virgin Points with Virgin Holidays

  • You will now earn 20 Tier Points for every £500 you spend on Virgin Holidays and Flight + Hotel bookings up to a maximum of 400 Tier Points per booking (this is on top of any Tier Points you earn if you book your holiday with qualifying flights)
  • We are also updating the number of Virgin Points you earn on Virgin Holidays and Flight + Hotel bookings. Red members will earn 2 points per £1, Silver members will earn 3 points per £1, Gold members will earn 4 points per £1

Need to know

  • Tier Points and Virgin Points earned through Virgin Holidays and Flight + Hotel apply to the lead booker only
  • Tier Points and Virgin Points earned through Virgin Holidays and Flight + Hotel will be added to your Flying Club account after your return flight
  • These updates apply to all bookings made from 9th November, so make sure your Flying Club number is added at time of booking to earn Tier Points and Virgin Points
  • In order to earn Virgin Points on the flight element of your Virgin Holidays booking, flights must be operated by Virgin Atlantic or one of our Flying Club partners
  • Please note, for bookings made from 9th November 2021 Flying Club discounts will no longer apply


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We will give you new benefits to make your membership even more rewarding

  • As a Silver member you can now pool your Virgin Points with up to 9 other members in your household.
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  • You can now gift your Upgrade and Companion vouchers to other members.
    Gift a voucher

Boost your Virgin Points balance


More Virgin Points means more rewards. So to celebrate the restart of travel between the UK and US, we’re giving you a bonus of 20,000 Virgin Points when you fly Premium or Upper Class just four times (or two return flights) between 9th November 2021 and 31st March 2022.

Terms and conditions apply

Other news

While the world is still opening up, we want to make sure that when you’re ready to get away, you can travel worry-free.

We’re pleased to let you know that we’re further extending your Flying Club status for 6 months to a total of 24 months - giving you more time to earn the Tier points you need to keep your loyalty benefits. We’ll also extend any valid Flying Club vouchers for upgrades, companion tickets or our fabulous Clubhouse, so there’s no need to worry about them expiring before then.

As before, all of these changes will be applied to your account automatically, so there is no need for you to do anything or contact us.

From today, members in the UK can sign up to Virgin Red, Virgin’s new rewards club. Through the Virgin Red app and website, which celebrates its members for living a life more Virgin, Flying Club members will unlock a wealth of new earning and spending options overnight, across a wide range of products and services from the Virgin family and beyond.

New and existing Flying Club members in the UK can now enrol in Virgin Red and seamlessly link their Flying Club account, creating a shared Virgin Points balance that they can use across either programme. At the heart of the bolstered earning and spending opportunities are Virgin Points – the universal Virgin currency that unlike many other loyalty currencies, have no expiry date.

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More wine? Why not! Or should that be ‘wine not’? Whether your tipple is fresh and fruity or crisp and dry, Virgin Wines has just what you’re looking for. What’s more, our Virgin Wines Gift Vouchers now start at only 10,000 Virgin Points! Cheers to a good bottle, for less! T&Cs apply.

UK Flying Club members only.

Save yourself a bundle and treat yourself to that ‘something’ you’ve always wanted to do. Bag yourself a Virgin Experience Days voucher starting from just 2,000 Virgin Points and make yourself feel fabulous, with everything from floating in a hot air balloon to flying round a racetrack in a Ferrari. T&Cs apply.

UK Flying Club members only.

As of 24th September 2020, Flying Club miles will never expire. They’ll also have a new name - Virgin Points. This change means that you can build up your Virgin Points balance for as long as you want, and enjoy rewards at your leisure – whenever you’re ready.

Why the name change?

The new name ‘Virgin Points’  better reflects the diverse way you can already use them. The name change also helps paves the way for an expanded range of ways to earn and spend Virgin Points. . Your Flying Club membership remains unchanged now and in the future, but this re-brand means you’ll have more choices to earn and spend your hard-earned currency next year, using Virgin Points. 


What does this mean for you?

It's just a name change so instead of the currency being called Flying Club Miles we'll now refer to them as Virgin Points. However, unlike Flying Club Miles, Virgin Points will never expire. Members will continue to collect tier points and earn and spend miles as usual – re-branded as Virgin Points on 24 September - across Virgin Atlantic, Delta and other partners.


Will this affect the value of my miles?

The name change won't affect the value of your miles. This is just a re-branding of Flying Club Miles to Virgin Points.  For every 1 mile in your Flying Club account, you'll now have 1 Virgin Point. Members can still earn tier points as they usually would, whilst Silver and Gold tier benefits and options for earning and spending points all remain unchanged - all that’s happening now is the name change to the currency and removal of expiry.


Will my Virgin Points expire at all?

Previously, Flying Club Miles would expire after 36 months of non-activity on a member’s account. This exciting improvement that means customers have as much time as they need to redeem their Virgin Points, which have exactly the same value as miles. So no matter what life throws at you, your Points are yours to use now or in the future.


What is Virgin Red?

Virgin Red Limited are the proud owners of the currency that underpins The Flying Club Programme, with Flying Club Miles now changed to be called Virgin Points. Virgin Red is the new rewards club for Virgin customers, launching in 2021, making it easier than ever to earn and spend Virgin Points – the new global Virgin currency - across a wide range of products and services within the Virgin family and other partners.


I'm not happy with the new T&Cs, what can I do?

We have considered the new Terms & Conditions very carefully with our partners at Virgin Red. As per the Flying Club Terms and Conditions, should you be unhappy, you can cancel your membership at any time.


What will happen to my data?

Data relating to your Virgin Points (Flying Club miles) is now owned, managed and controlled by Virgin Red.

Virgin Red needs to manage information relating to your Virgin Points including the non-expiry of Virgin Points and to provide great value and benefit in the currency.

You will continue to have all the rights given to you under GDPR and these will continue to apply to the way both Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Red use your data.

Virgin Atlantic will continue to manage your Flying Club Membership and tier status.

For further information please see the Virgin Red Privacy Policy and the Virgin Atlantic Privacy Policy.

My points expired before you made this change, will you honour or recredit those miles/points?

From April 2020 we stopped Flying Club Miles from expiring as Covid-19 impacted members’ ability to travel, therefore if your miles were due to expire in the last 6 months you have no need to worry - we have prevented this from happening already.

Please note that any of your Flying Club Miles that expired before April are still expired.

We’ve made some changes to our vouchers to make them simpler and more rewarding. Whether you’ve got upgrade, companion or Clubhouse vouchers, and whether you’ve earned them through your tier status or via your credit card, these improvements will allow you to enjoy your well-earned benefits even more easily.

  • Companion vouchers can now be used in conjunction with any ticket in any booking class and can be used in any cabin of travel (excluding Economy Light and Economy Delight) regardless of your tier status. Your companions can’t be booked into a higher cabin than you.
  • If you have earned your companion voucher through one of our credit cards, you can now book your companion into any cabin regardless of what tier status you hold. If you are Silver or Gold when you make the booking, the companion reward seat will be zero points. If you are Red when you make the booking, the companion seat will be zero point in Economy Classic and Premium, or a 50% reduction in the points needed for Upper. See the full terms and conditions here
  • Upgrade vouchers can now be used in conjunction with any ticket in any booking class including reward flights (but excluding Economy Light), for a one cabin upgrade for a return flight.
  • Clubhouse vouchers are now valid for all flights booked on Virgin Atlantic, Delta, Air France and KLM when flying internationally.

For full Flying Club terms and conditions click here