Once an infant becomes two years old, they’ll be considered a child and will need to travel in their own seat. 

Infants turning two during their trip will only pay the return infant fare for their Virgin Atlantic Airways flight. 

Two bookings will need to be created and the below procedure should be followed.

The return PNR must be booked in the same cabin as all accompanying adults.

Step One – Creating PNR for all customers


Create your customers booking

Add all required customer names, including the infant not seated (INF)

Price journey and store the fare

When it comes to ticketing, you will need to issue the adult tickets first

Once completed, issue the infant return fare against the outbound sector only

Ticket issuance will fail if you attempt to issue against both sectors

Once the ticket is issued, make a note of the Infant ticket number and VS locator.


You will now need to create a second PNR to provide the Infant turning two with a seat for their return flight.


Step Two – Creating PNR for Infant turning Two


Create the Infant turning two booking

Adding only the inbound sector to this PNR

Name the PNR for the Infant turning two

You will now need to Issue a ticket at nil value for the inbound journey using the original inbound fare basis code from PNR One  i.e. ABCDEFIN

Tickets should be endorsed with the outbound ticket number and VS locator

For Example


To ensure the Infant turning two is cross referred to PNR One, you will need to add a TCP remark in the OSI of each PNR using the following format: