This page tells you about the seat dimensions in each of our cabins.

Our seats have been carefully designed to help you fly in total comfort during the flight, no matter which cabin you're in.

This handy table shows the seat width, pitch and legroom in each of our cabins.

Our Economy seats are a generous width of up to 17 inches on all of our planes. If do need some extra legroom it's well worth upgrading to Economy Delight (The Premium check in and priority boarding are lovely perks too). Alternatively, you can opt for an Exit row seat from £49, which offers more room in front of you to stretch out in.

Head over to My booking where you can see the available seats for your flight and choose your favourite spot.

Seat dimensions

For more info about your exact wiggle room on each plane, take a look at our fleet pages.

  Economy Light and Classic Economy Delight Premium Upper Class
Width of seat 17-17.4 inches 17-17.4 inches

18-21 inches 20-22 inches
Seat recline 4-6 inches 4-6 inches 7-8 inches flat once in bed mode
Seat pitch Up to 31 inches Up to 34 inches Up to 38 inches N/A - Once the seat is converted to a bed there is a generous length up to 6ft 7.5 inches to snuggle into.