Onboard WiFi

With 20 minutes of free WiFi to settle you into your flight, you can hit send on that last email, post a selfie to let them know you’re on your way, or finish watching that cat video before diving into our inflight movies.

After that, you can continue with Facebook Messaging or browse the news from Bloomberg for free, or pay for a pass to carry on working and streaming away. Opt for one hour if there’s something particular you want to focus on, or the whole flight to keep using your gadgets online whenever you like*.

WiFi passes available on your flight

  Free internet Free services 1 hour Full flight
Cost Free Free £5.99 £18.99
Duration 20 minutes Full flight 1 hour Full flight
Messaging tick








Free access all flight to Facebook Messenger and Bloomberg

tick tick
Voice/video calls tick tick tick
Web browsing tick tick tick
Email tick tick tick
Streaming tick tick tick
Social tick tick tick

* You might find that coverage drops out occasionally for a minute or two, for example as we move from one satellite’s range to another. Internet speed also depends on how many people are using it at the same time.