Dietary requirements 

You can request a special meal through the GDS, online via My booking or through our Customer Centre.

Key Points 

  •  24hrs notice is required for all specific meal requests. Except Kosher Meals, this requires 48hrs notice. 
  • The below listed meals are the only ones currently available. 
  • When flying to/from Delhi, Mumbai and Lagos, all meat dishes are halal meat. 
  • Onboard snacks are only specific to a dietary requirement if a special meal has been requested. 
  • Mid-flight snacks and Wanderwall products may not necessarily be suitable for customers with specific dietary requirements – we can only confirm, they will not contain peanuts. Product packaging will contain all dietary information. 
  • We do not offer a nut friendly meal, we can offer a fruit platter (FPML) as an alternative option or if this is not suitable customers may bring their own food.
  • Vegetarian meals when flying to/from Lagos - Our ‘standard’ meal selection on all our flights normally includes a vegetarian option.  However, until further notice, this will not be the case when flying to/from Lagos.   Customers requiring a vegetarian meal will need to order a VGML  or VLML.
  • Kosher Meals  - For our Jewish customers it is important for the customer to be aware that when they request a Kosher meal, they understand that the food is certified and that they can eat in confidence. Kosher meals are available on all routes except Delhi, Mumbai, Shanghai, St Lucia, Montego Bay, Antigua, Barbados and Grenada. Where a Kosher meal is not available, the caterer will supply uncut fruit for the customer. This is noted online as an advance awareness for customers if a Kosher meal cannot be sourced, so there are no surprises when their meal arrives to them. Passengers are not able to directly request ‘uncut fruit’. 
  • Time Frames  - All  special meal requests noted below, require a minimum of 24hrs notice to be booked and confirmed. This is for all meals with the exception of ‘Kosher’, which requires 48hrs. It is important to note that these time frames are ‘Outside’ -24hr / -48hr. Meaning if a customer’s flight is at 0900 (2nd March) the latest time a meal can be requested (except Kosher) is at 0859 (1st March).
  • Our Special Assistance team will need to be aware of customers that: 1) Have had an anaphylactic reaction within 30 days of travel 2) Requires a peanut allergy announcement to be made 3) Requires a pureed meal. Please contact our Special assistance team via email or compete the online form here.

We adhere to allergen guidance under European and UK food legislation, which may be different in other jurisdictions. The allergens declared refer to the ingredients only, the food items may contain traces of allergens since they are processed on or with equipment that processes products that may contain allergens.

We cannot guarantee the absence of food allergen or peanut traces in our meals, both on board and at the airport.  A list of food allergens contained in meals served on flights departing from the UK and USA is available on board from your Cabin Crew.

Our suppliers are based all around the world and not every country has the same legal requirements for providing allergen information. On flights to the UK, allergen labelling on pre-packaged items may not reflect all of the allergens required to be declared in the UK. For passengers flying from the USA, we also adhere to the three additional Nuts listed under US Allergen advisory information.

Peanuts are never knowingly included in any of our meals on board. However, our meals are not produced in a nut-free environment so may contain traces. 

All other nuts may also be served on our flights to other passengers as part of the menu ingredients and/or the snack service, in any cabin. We also can’t stop other passengers from bringing (or eating) their own food onboard, which may include nuts.

In view of the above, we strongly encourage passengers to take all necessary precautions to prepare for the possibility of inadvertent exposure.

Meal descriptions

This is a low in fat / increased complex carbohydrates, high fiber content, and low dietary cholesterol. Healthy cooking methods should be employed during the preparation of this meal such as poaching, steaming and boiling.

CAN CONTAIN: Lean meats (skinless); fresh fruit and vegetables; wholegrain breads; high fiber wholegrain cereals; low-fat dairy products; sauces with no cream/fats added; low-fat margarine; olive, canola, safflower, soya or soya bean oils.

PROHIBITED: Fried foods; sauces high in fat (cheese or cream); egg yolks; offal (kidneys, liver, tripe, hearts); seafood; fish roe and caviars; refined sugars; processed meats (salami, chorizo, frankfurters); processed cheese (spreadable cheese, soft cheese).

 This is a low-in-salt meal for passengers wishing to follow sodium-restricted diet. The meal shall contain limited or no added salt during the cooking process. 

CAN CONTAIN: Salt-free cereals; unsalted butter/ low sodium margarine; pepper; herbs; spices; vinegar; lemon and lime juice; garlic; onion; celery powders.

PROHIBITED: MSG (monosodium glutamate); stock cubes; bouillons; commercially prepared soups; salted, cured, smoked, brined meats/fish; processed cheeses; processed meats; olives; anchovies; ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, soya sauce, Worcestershire sauce; gravies,  sauces and dressings; bakery products using self-rising flour and baking soda.

A diabetic meal is designed for people who have type I or type II diabetes, or have been told they are at high risk of developing diabetes. A diabetic meal should be with no added sugar, low in fat/low in salt, increased in complex carbohydrates, high in fiber and can range in calories from 600 to 800 per meal.

CAN CONTAIN: Sugar may be used by diabetics in combination with other foods, dependent on individual glycaemic load;  lean meats (skinless); fish and seafood; vegetables (potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, beans, peppers); wholegrain pasta, breads, rice and cereal; canned fruit if in water or its own juices; unsweetened fruit juices; commercial diabetic products; low-fat dairy products; artificial sweeteners (Stevia, Sucralose, Acesulfame-K,Aspartame).

PROHIBITED: Fried foods; high fat and high salt food.

A meal containing freshly prepared seasonal fruit with no additives or preservatives. Available on all flights. 

The gluten-friendly meal is designed for people with coeliac disease or for people who are wheat intolerant. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease.  Gluten, which is found in wheat, barley and rye, triggers an immune reaction in people with coeliac disease. 

CAN CONTAIN: Meat, fish, poultry, seafood; puffed rice, cornflakes; potato, rice and corn flour; sago, tapioca; rice, lentils, split peas; fruit and vegetables; soya milk; dairy products; commercially produced Gluten Free products. 

PROHIBITED: Wheat, rye, barley, oats; pasta, bread, bread crumbs and batter containing the above ingredients or their derivatives; semolina; soup, sauces, gravy mixes with wheat flour; standard cakes, muffins, pastries; malted products (Ovaltine); wheat-derived starches; processed meat (sausages); mustard (may contain wheat flour); French dressing (may contain wheat flour); soya sauce. 

Meal for passengers wishing to follow Jewish customs. All foods are prepared in accordance with law of kashrut, in strictly controlled and approved factories by Rabbinic authorities.

CAN CONTAIN: Only foods prepared in Rabbi-approved factory/kitchen in line with Kashrut law.

PROHIBITED: Foods/meats from non-kashrut sources.

· Ex UK, the Kosher Kedassia is supplied.

· Ex US, the Kosher Glatt is supplied. 

Meals containing high protein foods of non-animal origin, but can contain dairy products. 

CAN CONTAIN: High protein foods (milk, cheese, eggs, tofu, beans); Foods rich in iron (dried peas, lentils, wholegrain products and breads, dried apricots, egg yolks); Calcium containing products (spinach, kale, broccoli, figs, tofu); Dairy products (creams, butter, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk); Vegetarian cheese with non-animal rennet; Fruit and vegetables; Honey. Does contain lactose. 

PROHIBITED: Meat, fish, seafood; Cheese with animal/bovine rennet; Pork derived Gelatine; Animal derivatives such as fats/lard and Cochineal colour (Carminic acid). 

Meals containing high-protein foods of non-animal origin. No dairy or dairy derivatives can be present in meals for this diet. 

CAN CONTAIN: High protein foods (tofu, beans); foods rich in iron (dried peas, lentils, wholegrain products, dried apricots); wholegrain milk powder/butter-free breads; Calcium containing products (spinach, kale, broccoli, figs, tofu); Vegetables of all type; fruit. 

PROHIBITED: Eggs, meat, fish, seafood; Cheese with animal/bovine rennet; Pork derived Gelatine; Animal derivatives such as fats/lard and Cochineal colour (Carminic acid); Honey; Milk and all dairy products such as butter, creams, cheese.

This is a religious dietary meal with a spicy influence that will not contain meat, fish, seafood or eggs.

CAN CONTAIN: High protein foods (milk, vegetarian cheese, tofu, beans and egg); foods rich in iron (dried peas, lentils, wholegrain products and breads, dried apricots); calcium containing products (spinach, kale, broccoli, figs, tofu); dairy products (creams, butter, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk);  Ghee butter; vegetarian cheese with non-animal rennet or Paneer; fruit and vegetables; nuts of all kind.

PROHIBITED: Meat, fish, seafood; cheese with animal/bovine rennet, pork derived gelatine; animal derivatives such as fats/lard and Cochineal colour (Carminic acid); honey.

This meal is for passengers following Muslim customs and meat must be prepared in line with halal principles from approved sources. 

CAN CONTAIN: Halal pure healthy meat, chicken, fish and milk are highly recommended in Islam; all types of fruit and vegetable (when grown naturally and not genetically modified) are recommended for consumption in Islam; grapes, dates, figs, pomegranate, pulse and cereal; honey and olive oil.

Some of these Muslim meals may not contain any meat and may be similar in appearance and taste to that of an Asian Vegetarian meal.

PROHIBITED: Pork, lard or any porcine substance; gelatine from animal source which is not halal; meat that is not slaughtered in the prescribed Islamic way; meat coming from a lawful animal that died before slaughter; blood (direct or indirect); any food or drink with alcohol; all carnivorous animals and birds of prey; some non-halal additives (E- numbers such as E120, E441, E542)

This religious dietary meal does not contain animal projects or animal by-products and no root or bulbous vegetables. 

The contents of all VJML meals with Virgin Atlantic follow the specification of a vegan meal.

CAN CONTAIN: Fruits and vegetables that grow above ground, spices, tofu, pulses, cereal and rice. 

PROHIBITED: Meat, fish, seafood; cheese with animal/bovine rennet; pork-derived gelatine; animal derivatives such as fats/lard; bulbous root vegetables such as onion, potatoes, eggs, honey, mushrooms, fungus. All dairy products, onion 

A Child meal is produced for children between the ages of 12 months to 12 years old. The meal is easy to eat and recognisable to a child. This could be a 

Cannot be booked for unseated infants. 

Main meal of tomato and mozzarella pasta or Macaroni cheese as an example. A Child meal is a nut-friendly meal only (please refer to the website for the full nut policy) as Child meals are prepared in a facility that handles peanuts. Whilst we do not produce child meals containing peanuts, we cannot guarantee a nut-free preparation environment therefore the dish may contain nut traces. Child meals are not necessarily vegetarian. If younger passengers require a vegetarian option, a standard vegetarian meal should be ordered.

CAN CONTAIN: The meal should be nutritious, easy to eat and recognisable to the child. Child meal is nut friendly.



Suitable for babies aged up to 12 months.

BBML is assigned to the infant's name in a PNR, allowing them to be booked for infants seated in an adult's lap.   

CAN CONTAIN: The meal should consist of commercially available products produced especially for children of this age. I.e. pureed tinned or bottled foods. 

PROHIBITED: Solid foods.

Menu items that could potentially cause gastric irritation will not be used in the preparation of these meals. Examples of foods excluded hot mustard, hot spices, pickles, garlic, fried and fatty foods.

(These are very similar to CHML on VS)

Suitable for children from 2 to 12 years of age, and includes food offerings appealing to children. The meals planned follow Recommended Dietary Allowances for children.

Noted online as ‘Low Lactose’ – Same Meal and Description as ‘Non’ A meal prepared for passengers requiring a lactose restricted diet. This meal is not  recommended for passengers requiring a dairy free meal as lactose free dairy products may be used.