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If your customer need special assistance at the airport or onboard, please let us know as early as possible (or at least 72 hours before their flight).

Your customers should head to My booking to request wheelchair assistance and more, or get in touch through the options below.

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If your customer is going to transport items such as stem cells, bone marrow, frozen embryos, etc. which are required to be kept at a specific temperature in a medical container should be declared ahead of travel and our special assistance team can assist.


Packaging Information:


Medical containers must be insulated. Any containers that have liquid nitrogen within its walls must ensure that any liquid nitrogen present is absorbed by the wadding, eliminating the risk of free-flowing liquid and preventing potential leakage, which could pose hazardous consequences. 

Alternatively, the container can hold dry ice; solid nitrogen gas, this must not exceed 2.5kgs per customer to be permitted as hand luggage, which is in line with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.  This does not include the weight of the container.


Making a Medical container request

  • Use this email template to send Special Assistance all the information they need
  • You will need to replace the flight date and VS record locator in the subject field for each request, this will ensure our Special Assistance team handle your request based on the departure date
  • Once the email template has all the required information filled out, you can email it to our team who will respond within 72 hrs


Note that an import license may be required for these items. However, the hospital or clinic is expected to be informed about the customs requirements for each country and provide necessary documentation where applicable.


Special Assistance will respond within 72 hours 


Should customers require the items to be carried within the hold using dry ice, you would need to contact our cargo team directly here