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Earn points with every flight you take or holiday you book*, or buy points to boost your balance.


Earn in the air

Become a Flying Club member and earn Virgin Points every time you fly with us or our airline partners.


Earn points on purchases

Go shopping with your favourite brands and earn points towards a flight with your favourite airline. Win, win.


Top up your balance

Exchange some of your other loyalty points for Virgin Points, or simply buy some more.


More ways to earn

*Lead customer only.

Spend your points


Redeem your Virgin Points for the things that matter most - from little treats to Upper Class suites.


Flights and upgrades

Get reward flights for you and your friends. With a minimum of 12 reward seats on every Virgin Atlantic flight, just decide when and where you want to fly, search using points and away you go.
Can’t find a reward seat? Why not pay less for your next getaway with points plus money.

Virgin partners

From balloon flights to epic experience days, spend your points on another adventure.


Gift or transfer points

Put a huge smile on someones face when you give them some (or all) of your points.


More ways to spend


Maximise your membership

Moving on up

If you're a frequent flyer or regular big spender, you'll move up the membership tiers, unlocking more benefits as you go.


Membership tier benefits

Move over

Got VIP status with another airline? Let us know and we'll set you up with our equivalent Flying Club membership tier.


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Membership tiers

The big picture on our tiers and the benefits you'll get in each one. Start seeing the world in Red, Silver and Gold.

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The dream. Select your destination to find out the number of points you'll need. 

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