For those of you experiencing mild travel anxiety we have a selection of Headspace guided meditation sessions on board that will help you feel more relaxed, calm an in control.

You can also download these session pre-flight by clicking here Apple Store or Google Play.

We’ve also developed a one day Flying without Fear course. By tackling anxieties head on, we aim to leave you relaxed enough to actually enjoy flying.

With courses taking place around the UK, we help over 2,000 people every year overcome their flying phobia, and have a 98% success rate.

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What happens on the course?
On the day, you’ll meet an experienced and reassuring Virgin Atlantic Captain, who’ll explain everything from the noises aircraft make, to how something so big stays in the sky. Afterwards, you’ll work with our expert psychotherapist on ways to adjust your thinking.

Then we’ll take you on a 45-minute flight, to leave you actually looking forward to future journeys.

And along with a new-found flying confidence, you’ll also take home:

  • A course certificate signed by Richard Branson
  • An audio relaxation CD and booklet
  • And you can also buy our Flying Without Fear book

The Flying Without Fear course runs at many UK airports and costs £267 inc. VAT.