This innovative aircraft joined the Virgin Atlantic fleet in October 2014. The 787s (and A330s) represent a huge leap for us and our whole industry in improving our carbon footprint.

Keep your eyes peeled for Dream Girl (G-VAHH), Miss Chief (G-VOOH), Dream Jeannie (G-VZIG), Ruby Murray (G-VYUM), Mystery Girl (G-VWHO), Olivia-Rae (G-VCRU), Miss Moneypenny (G-VSPY), Maid Marian (G-VOWS), Lucy in the Sky (G-VDIA), Queen Bee (G-VBZZ), West End Girl (G-VMAP), Pin Up Girl (G-VFAN), Pearly Queen (G-VBOW), Lady Freedom (G-VBEL), Leading Lady (G-VWOO), Penny Lane (G-VNYL) and Birthday Girl (G-VNEW).

Boeing 787 side with tail    

Boeing 787 engine

Economy Classic


Upper Class

Seat dimensions

  Econmy Light and Classic Economy Delight Premium Upper Class
Width of seat Up to 17 inches Up to 17 inches

21 inches 22 inches
Seat recline 5 inches 5 inches Up to 8 inches 17-42 degrees and flat once in bed mode
Seat pitch Up to 31 inches Up to 34 inches Up to 38 inches n/a

787 seat map

Boeing 787 seatmap