It’s all in the preparation

> Pre-Trip

24 hours before you fly

To fend off the bloat at 30,000 feet, your prep should start the day before. Try and eat three balanced meals, including green vegetables and protein-rich food, like white fish or tofu.

Are you sitting comfortably? 

Not to sound like the plane clothes police (ahem) but loose, long and loungey is the way to go when it comes to attire onboard. Save sharp tailoring, shorts and jeans for your destination. Before you turn in, doing your usual bedtime routine will signal to your brain it's time to sleep. We’ll provide you with a soft eye mask, cosy socks and ear plugs, and on night flights we can even supply you with some pjs if you’d like. But you can of course bring your own. Unicorn onesie? No one's judging.

Pre-order a little pamper

Pick yourself up a little something to be delivered straight to your seat through Retail Therapy. For a soothing scent to help you drift off, we love This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk.

Smart dining

> Clubhouse

Food for thought

If a good night's rest is top of your flight agenda, make the most of the great dining options in the Clubhouse before you board (and the quiet corners of calm to sit and enjoy them in). Then you can hang up your 'do not disturb' during the meal service and maximise your snooze time.

What you eat plays an important part in setting your body clock, and also in how you feel. Choose lighter dishes if you can - unless you really can't resist the warm apple and blackberry crumble. In which case, we say get stuck in.

Check out our sample Clubhouse menu for the types of things on offer.

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Clubhouse at London Heathrow

Make your flight as dreamy as possible

> Onboard

Follow your usual wind down routine

Just because you're travelling, doesn't mean you have to do away with your normal bedtime rituals. In fact, you'll get to sleep easier because your body and mind will recognise the signals.  So cleanse, moisturise, brush your teeth, pop on your hair bonnet – whatever it is that sends you sliding into sleep mode. 

With the lights dimmed and noise turned down low, it's time to settle into your seat that's magically changed into a fully flat bed.
There's a reading light if you need one, or drift off with a dreamy sleep meditation by Headspace, available through our inflight entertainment system. 

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Sleep by Headspace

Wakey wakey

Onboard > Revivals

For the perfect start to the day

After a long flight, nothing sets you up for the day more perfectly than a pitstop in our Revivals Lounge.

We'll look after your bags while you freshen up with a lovely power shower. We can even press your power suit to get you feeling boardroom beautiful. Don't forget to refuel with a full English breakfast before you head off. 

Revivals is open daily from 5:30am to 12:30pm