From your car to the Clubhouse in less than no time at all

Upper Class Wing > Clubhouse

For the smoothest journey

24 hours to go

Check in online and add all your Advanced Passenger Information

Short trip?

Don't check a bag in. Your 2 piece Upper Class hand baggage allowance means you can glide straight through to departures, and avoid the carousel queues on arrival (handbags don’t count, so really it’s 3 bags).

Arrive in style

Use our Upper Class Wing.
As your car pulls up, we'll be ready to greet you, take your bags and give you your boarding pass.

Then head on through our private security channel for the fastest transfer to our Clubhouse. Open daily from 5.30 am- 9.30pm

Work it

> Clubhouse

Make your entrance

Sign in at the front desk and leave your coat, shopping bags, carry-ons and anything else you don’t want to lug about in our secure cloak room. 

Choose your location

From quiet nooks with runway views to private booths or spacious bar style seating, there’s a work station that’s perfect for you.

Order what you want, how you want

No need to get up, everywhere is table service. Simply scan the QR code or order with one of the team and we’ll bring it right over. 

Log on

The WiFi details are on the back of the menu. Whether you want to send some emails, catch up on social media or browse the news, our WiFi will make sure you can stay connected.

Play video Economy
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Clubhouse at London Heathrow

Stay connected in the clouds

> Onboard

For continued networking

Get settled in

The unique design of your Upper Class suite provides exceptional comfort and privacy while you work, with direct aisle access. There's plenty of room to stretch out and store your bits and bobs. For a change of scene, our onboard social spaces are perfect for meeting up with colleagues. Enjoy The Loft, The Booth or The Bar – depending on which aircraft you’re on.

Power up

There are lots of USB sockets to keep your gadgets going and onboard WiFi to keep you connected during your flight. Charges vary, depending on which package you choose and the aircraft type.

Hit the ground running when you land at Heathrow

> Onboard > Revivals

For a seamless start to your working day 

Arrive refreshed with a morning pitstop in our Revivals Lounge. We'll store your bags and even give your trousers a press while you take a lovely power shower. And if you skipped breakfast onboard (or if you're still peckish) grab a bite before you head off. 

Open daily from 5:30am to 12:30pm