One in five of us have a fear of flying. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Lovefly, who offer a range of courses and advice to help you conquer your phobia. Co-founder and ex cabin crew trainer Paul Tizzard has been supporting nervous flyers since 1997, when he set up our ‘Flying Without Fear’ programme with the backing of Richard Branson. And in that time, he’s helped thousands of people tackle their anxieties, so they can relax enough to feel fine when they fly. Hey, you might even love it!

So, how can we help?


Free ebook from LoveFly

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Get in touch with the team and join a community of nervous flyers just like you through Lovefly’s private Facebook group


For a more personalised experience, join one of Lovefly’s webinars, where our own pilots and cabin crew will help put you at ease.

30 day programme

For more intensive and in depth support, sign up to a Lovefly 30 day programme, and bust your fear of flying for good. 

Free Lovefly podcasts

Check out the free Lovefly podcast, where you’ll find hours of content to help you train your brain to let go of your anxieties. Episodes include tips and insights from our very own Virgin Atlantic pilots, cabin crew and brilliant special assistance team, as well as industry experts, psychologists, coaches, and former nervous flyers.

We've picked out a few episodes below. All episodes are available on Spotify, Apple and via the LoveFly website.

Meet Sarah Fowler, Virgin onboard manager

Top 10 Fear of Flying questions answered

Meet Sorcha Didier, A350 2nd Officer, Virgin Atlantic

Ready to conquer your fear?

If you're ready to take the first step, visit to get a free ebook, listen to podcasts, read blog articles and take a look at their courses.



What people are saying about Lovefly

'I am so happy that I have found lovefly!   I am an uncomfortable flyer to say the least and Paul, Captain Steve and Sarah have provided me with so much valuable information and ways to cope with my fear! I am so grateful for all the behind-the-scenes information that I can now use to alleviate my fear. Thank you to lovefly and all you do to help us fearful flyers! Thanks.'


'Discovering Paul Tizzard and lovefly has truly been life-changing for me. Flying has been my biggest fear ever since I was a child and although I had reluctantly flown a few times before, I'd pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it was just something I'd have to live with. But, now I'm at the point where I NEED to make this change, I don't want to live like this anymore and I can't tell you how incredible lovefly has been. Being part of the amazing lovefly Facebook group, listening to the podcasts, and taking part in the webinar (highly recommend!), have given me the strength and support to face this fear head-on and push through it. It's a work in progress for sure and I know it's not going to happen overnight, but the fact that I am even considering flying, (not only that but actually have a flight booked and am still breathing calmly!) is 100% down to Paul Tizzard and lovefly.'


'Having grown up with a parent working in the airline industry I should not really have a fear of flying, but if anything I am proof it can happen to anyone.   One bad flight had thrown me into a bit of uncertainty, that only got worse the more flights I took. So, I knew I needed to do something about it. The lovefly team have taken some weighty topics and combined them with a good level of straight forward knowledge and humour. Captain Steve Bull talks you through all aspects of a flight and no question is considered silly or unreasonable.  For anyone in two minds about taking a course please do not hesitate in signing up to the lovefly course you will not regret it. The motto of "Knowledge is power” is so true and these guys certainly know their stuff! Thank you! ‘


‘I have recently completed a return flight to Florida on Virgin Atlantic, who were magnificent. It was a truly great experience throughout and lovefly’s support and help with my fears seamlessly blended with the superb cabin crews to make the entire experience enjoyable and rewarding. No fears here now, and I look forward to many longhaul flights with Virgin and lovefly in the future. Collectively they have given me a new lease of life and made all my family very happy’.


'I met Paul Tizzard in 1997 as I had a severe fear of flying (in fact it was so bad I used to drive to Russia rather than fly).  Paul was in the process of putting together the Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear Programme and I attended the inaugural course. Shortly after, I was on my way to fly out to Boston USA.  I have been fear free ever since that date and in fact went on to train as a helicopter pilot!   I have kept in touch with Paul over the last 20 plus years and was amazed how successful his previous nervous flyer programme became.  I know that if Paul is working with lovefly then it will be a great place to get help for your fear of flying.'


'lovefly, you’ve changed my life!!! Currently at 10973 altitude, sat in Premium Economy sipping on champagne with not a single tear!!! I can’t believe it, my (now husband) can’t believe it either, this is the first flight in over 15 years where I’ve not either walked off, cancelled or hysterically cried and left fingernail marks in his hands.  I listened to episode 69 breathing techniques during take-off, and I let the air hostess know that I was nervous, maybe it helps that I am in a much bigger plane flying to Antigua but the take-off was so smooth. I also used Pete Higgins checklist and worked my way through the noises reminding myself that these are “good noises’

‘I am over the moon and can’t thank you enough'


Get some Headspace

As well as the support available through Lovefly, we have a selection of Headspace guided meditation sessions onboard that will help you feel more relaxed, calm and in control. You can download these session pre-flight by clicking here Apple Store or Google Play.