About ITA Airways


ITA Airways is a company totally owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance for the exercise of business in the air transport sector. ITA Airways puts the best customer service at the center of its strategy (through a strong digitization of processes that ensure a best-in-class experience and personalized services), combined with sustainability, (new green and technologically advanced aircraft, use of sustainable fuels), social (equality and inclusion for a gender-neutral company) and governance (integration of sustainability into internal strategies and processes) aspects.


Find out more about ITA Airways and SkyTeam benefits available to Volare members.

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Mutually rewarding benefits


Flying Club members can enjoy various perks when flying with SkyTeam airlines like earning Virgin Points. SkyTeam airlines also offer SkyPriority services to Flying Club Gold members and anyone flying in First Class or Business Class.

Flying with ITA Airways contributes to your Flying Club status, so you can progress through the tiers faster, unlocking more benefits along the way. The number of Tier Points earned depends on the cabin, booking class and distance you fly..

Tier Points earned on ITA Airways flights

Cabin Flight distance under 2,000 miles Flight distance 2,000 miles and over
Business 30 75
Premium Economy 20 50
Economy 10 25

Flying with ITA will earn you Virgin Points, which you can spend on Virgin Atlantic or any other SkyTeam member airline. You'll earn a percentage of the miles you have flown depending on the cabin and booking class you are flying in.

Virgin Points earned for flights marketed and operated by ITA Airways, with a flight number starting with AZ

Cabin Booking class Virgin Points earned
Business J, C, E, D, I 200%
Premium  P, U 150%
Premium A 100%
Economy Y, B, M, H 150%
Economy K, V, T 100%
Economy N, S, Q, X, W 50%
Economy L, O, F 25%

Virgin Point bonus for Silver and Gold members

If you’re a Flying Club Silver or Gold member you’ll earn bonus Virgin Points whenever you fly with Virgin Atlantic or any SkyTeam member airline. This tier bonus is in addition to the standard Virgin Points you’ll earn based on the distance and cabin you fly, boosting your balance to bring your closer to your next reward.

Red Silver Gold
Standard Virgin Points 30% bonus 60% bonus

Spend your Virgin points on ITA Reward Flights.  The number of points required depends on the cabin you fly and the distance of the new route.  All you need to pay for are the taxes, fees and carrier-imposed surcharges.

Virgin Points required for a one-way flight

Flight distance (miles) Economy Business
0 - 500 5,500 14,500
501 – 1,000 7,000 15,500
1,001 – 1,500 10,000 21,500
1,501 – 2,250 11,500 35,000
2,251 – 3,000 15,500 40,000
3,001 – 4,000 20,500 60,000
4,001 – 5,000 25,500 75,000
5,001 – 6,000 31,000 85,000
6,001 – 7,000 37,000 100,000
7,001 – 12,000 50,000 140,000

Flying Club Gold members can enjoy complimentary access to 750+ Lounges Worldwide | SkyTeam lounges when flying internationally in any cabin.


Flying Club Red and Silver members can access Skyteam member airline lounges when flying internationally in Business or First Class with the SkyTeam member airline.


ITA Airlines have lounges Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate


Access is on the day of travel when flying on or connecting to or from an international flight operated by a SkyTeam carrier. Simply present your boarding pass at the lounge. More on ITA Airlines Lounges


Destinations we can connect you to

Our partnership with ITA Airways allows us to connect with a huge coverage of Italian destinations, as well as offering connecting flights to major European capitals, and destinations across Asia, Africa and the US.

You can connect with Virgin Atlantic via London Heathrow to Boston, Los Angeles, New Dehli, New York, Miami, San Francisco and Washington.

Ready to book?

Earning Virgin Points & Tier Points

To earn Virgin Points and Tier Points on ITA Airways flights, add your Flying Club membership number in your booking whether you book via ITA Airways or a third party.


Search flights and earn points

Spending Virgin Points

To spend Virgin Points on ITA flights, book direct with Virgin Atlantic. Select ‘show price in points’ when you search.



Search for Reward Flights

Already booked and want to earn points?

If you have already booked, you can still add your Flying Club number to your booking before you fly and earn points. If your flight number starts with VS, you can add you Flying Club number via Virgin Atlantic Manage My Booking. If your flight number does not start with VS, head to the airline’s frequent flyer programme and add your Flying Club number to your booking.

Earning Points:

  • If you are a member of both Flying Club and a partner programme, points can only be accrued to one frequent flyer programme and cannot be transferred between airlines.

  • Points accrual begins from the effective date of partnership between Virgin Atlantic and partner airlines, and any flights taken prior to the effective date are not eligible for accrual.

  • Points may be earned on ITA Airways marketed/operated flights (flight number starts with AZ) and points will be issued to Flying Club members when travelling in the classes listed.

  • If you fly on an ITA Airways operated flight marketed by any other SkyTeam member airline, you will earn as per the marketing airline.

  • Points will not be earned for travel in any other class not listed above

  • No points are earned on Reward Flights with partner airlines.

  • Points accrual rates and Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice according to partner airline’s policy and circumstances.

  • Partner airlines’ codeshare flights may not be eligible for mileage accrual depending on the actual operating airline.  Points are not applicable on a SkyTeam marketed flight operated by an airline not within the SkyTeam alliance

  • Additional points will not be earned for bookings that are subsequently upgraded to a higher class whereby an additional fare difference is paid.

Missing Points:

When claiming points please keep all copies of your original tickets/e-tickets and boarding passes until the correct amount of points appear on your account. If the points do not show on your account within six weeks, please contact us to claim them back.