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What's the deal?

If you’ve got 2,000,000 points, you can use them to enter a prize draw to win a trip with Virgin Galactic. The trip includes a 3-day experience – preparation for the flight, and a 2-hour space flight with at least 5 minutes of weightlessness.

Enter the prize draw by giving us a call on 0344 874 7747, and we’ll run through the finer details with you.

Just to let you know, if your name doesn't get drawn, you won’t have your points deducted. Sounds too good to miss, hey!

Find out more on the Virgin Galactic website

Once Virgin Galactic launches its first commercial flights to space, Flying Club will draw a winner from all the entries received.

If you have 2,000,000 points in your account you’ll be eligible to enter. Don’t worry, you won’t have to part with any points when you enter, just if you win.

The winner will take a place reserved in line – exact number and flight date will be confirmed once Virgin Galactic has launched its first commercial flights to space. Some Press involvement may be required.

Only points earned on Virgin Atlantic Airways flights qualify for eligibility into the draw and may be used for Virgin Galactic flights.

Points cannot be merged or transferred from other member accounts.

Points earned through supplementary Silver Flying Club accounts and/or Family accounts may not be used towards the Virgin Galactic redemption.

A Virgin Galactic flight may only be booked for the Flying Club card holder who has earned the relevant points and not on behalf of or for another individual.

This offer may be withdrawn or amended at any time.