A crew like no other

From the moment they put on their Vivienne Westwood uniform, our crew transform into a sky superhero – with the power to make your journey the most memorable. Our crew are the beating heart of what we do.

Who you'll see onboard


Our pilots have the best seat in the house, leading our operation every day and working hard to get you to your destination safely. You'll find two different ranks of pilot on board, and you can tell who's who by the stripes on the shoulders of their uniform - your Captain will have four stripes, and Senior First Officers will have three.

Cabin crew

Our onboard heroes, keeping you safe, and delivering our famous service in style. On your journey, you'll meet Cabin Crew, Cabin Service Supervisors and Flight Service Managers - look out for a purple shirt or silver tie to spot who the manager is on your next flight with us!

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A day in the life of our crew

Meet our Red Spirit nominees

Since day one, it’s always been people that make Virgin Atlantic so special. The customers who proudly fly with us, and our people who go the extra mile.

Our Red Spirit series celebrates what makes us, us – the individuality of our amazing people and the amazing work they do, both in the skies and back on land. 

Meet Faye - Cabin Crew and passionate philanthropist

Kind-hearted, compassionate and caring, Faye combines travelling the world with her dedication to helping others whilst down-route. In 2013, Faye founded Spread Some Sunshine, a charity set up to bring happiness to children facing adversity.

Meet Faye

Meet Dan - Flight Service Manager and dancing icon

When Dan isn’t leading a team through the skies, he’s disco dancing his way into our hearts adding a touch of magic wherever he goes. With infectious energy, passion and flare, Dan has been an incredible ambassador for us for over 11 years.

Meet Dan

Meet Andrea- Cabin Service Supervisor and coffee entrepreneur

Beyond providing outstanding service and leadership at 38,000ft, Andrea has combined a passion for aviation and coffee with her entrepreneurial spirit, creating her own perfect blend through her business, Minding My Own Coffee.

Meet Andrea

They're highly trained

All of our pilots and crew have undertaken intensive, specialist training to earn those fabulous golden wings. Regularly re-visiting our training school to keep their knowledge up-to-date, our cabin crew are trained in aviation medicine, safety and security procedures, and everything they need to know about the aircraft they work on. Our pilots are also safety experts, with regular training in the 'sim' (that's one of our state-of-the-art flight simulators!) to make sure they're ready for any eventuality.

All of our flying staff also take part in annual human factors training, which is a unique form of training all about teamwork and communication.

Read more about Human Factors training

They always fly in style

Wearing the wow factor

Our famous Vivienne Westwood uniform is a partnership that brings together original design and sustainability.

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A uniform not defined by gender

We champion individuality, which is why our people can choose clothes that express how they identify or present themselves.

Make-up or no make-up

When our crew told us they didn't always want to wear make-up we listened. Since 2019, it's been a personal choice for all our crew to wear make-up or go without.

Tattoos worn with pride

In 2022, we were the first airline to relax our tattoo policy, so crew no longer need to cover up tattoos and are free to be their most authentic selves. 

They're compassionate and resilient

Supporting the crisis in Ukraine


We recently operated a relief flight between London and Warsaw, Poland. The flight, organised by Magen David Adom, Save a Child and the Dnipro Appeal,  took 52 Ukrainian orphans and eight carers away from the conflict and to the UK for onward care. 

Our crew were instrumental in this unique operation, readily offering the children and their carers the extra love that they so needed - they even created and handed out translation cards for common questions, to make the journey just that little bit easier.

Supporting our NHS


When Covid-19 meant that travel was placed on hold, our crew utilised their skills to help our NHS. From vaccinators to 999 call-handlers, our people played a huge part in the pandemic response. Those still flying even took on 'ultra long-haul' duties to pick up vital supplies, spending over 24 hours onboard! 

Read more about ultra long-haul flying

They're ambassadors

Celebrating Pride

Diversity and inclusion is a huge part of who we are, and we're always keen to join in with pride celebrations. Our crew have always played an important role, representing our people and having plenty of fun along the way.

Football fundraisers

Our brilliant crew have organised charity football matches (cabin crew vs pilots, anyone?) to raise money for mental health charity Mind, as well as recently playing opposite another airline to raise funds to support Ukrainian regufees.

And they're our travel experts!

With hundreds of flying hours every year, it's no wonder that our crew are in the know about all the best places to go.

Sipping coffee in San Fran

Resident coffee conniseur Andrea shares her reccomendations.

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Hiking in Hollywood

Lauren's got the lowdown on how best to see the Hollywood sign.

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Safari's in South Africa

Daisy takes us on a trip to Johannesburg.

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Who are they?

Meet a few of our crew

Meet Bernice

Bernice Moran always dreamed of being a pilot, and safe to say her dream came true - she's now one of our senior first officers, flying the 787. She's also the founder of the Be Sweet Company, and mother to three small children.

Read Bernice's story

Meet Otis

If you're looking for a Virgin Atlantic GIF, you'll probably find Otis. Cabin Service Supervisor and content creator extrodinare, Otis has been flying with us for over 13 years, managing his team with flair and finesse.

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Meet Lauren

We've all had our ups and downs over the last couple of years, none more so than Lauren Wigglesworth, a senior first officer on our Airbus fleet. She lost one dream job, found another and started a family in a pandemic.

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