Due to the Wildfires in Maui, we are offering customers travelling to, through or from Maui between 9 August and 16 September 2023, the flexibility to rebook their flight onto a different date.


This policy is to allow customers more flexibility in addition to the original fares rules

• Customers must advise of changes to their travel plans ahead of their travel date, or no-show policy will apply as per fare rules

• Travel is permitted on an earlier date, with no fees, if the date is within the guidelines of this bulletin

• Changing return travel date to maintain travel duration is allowed. Changes fees and fare difference charges are waived

• Fare difference must include all taxes/charges

• Itineraries must be rebooked on VS/VS* tickets

• Booking cancellations, refunds and downgrades are subject to the original fare rules, unless permitted by this policy – whichever is the most flexible

If your flights are still operating

Affected Cities


Maui, HI (OGG)
Bookings from Any
Bookings Until 14 Aug 23
Impacted travel date(s) 09 Aug 23 - 16 Sep 23
New travel must be completed by 19 Sep 23
Change fees Waived - for date/flight changes
Fare difference Waived - must be the same point of origin/destination and cabin as originally booked
Change of origin or destination

If no alternative VS flight available, rebook onto other VS/VS* services

Change fees are waived

Fare difference applies


No refund unless fare rules allow

For flight cancellations, standard VAA flight cancellation policy applies

Update the SI field with the following information:


Please reissue tickets to include endorsement:


Tickets must be re-issued on / before revised travel date

Sales Support

Where possible we would kindly request that you contact us using our Get in touch form and the team will continue to work hard to respond to your queries within 72 hours between Monday and Friday.


For DL ticketed customers please contact UK Delta Sales Support on 0800 783 0747 or Email SalesSupport.uk@delta.com

For Delta’s up to date information please visit Delta Professional: pro.delta.co.uk