Navigating through the airport and flying can be a real challenge if you have a disability like autism, dementia or severe anxiety, or are travelling with someone who has.

When you save our hidden disability symbol to your phone or print it out as an insert for your passport, it means that when you show it to anyone in a Virgin Atlantic uniform they'll know that you need a little extra help, reassurance and patience.

You can also pick up a card or pin badge featuring the symbol at check in.

Before travelling, you can speak to our Special Assistance team. They are dedicated to helping you fly comfortably and safely, and will discuss your journey and any help you might need. 

Our Special Assistance team can help arrange:

  • Priority check in
  • Pre-boarding or delayed boarding, based on what best suits your need
  • Pre-assigned standard seat assignments
  • Bulkhead seating requests
  • Informing our fabulous crew of your requirements

You also read more about what to expect at the airport and what to expect onboard our flights.


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Flying with a hidden disability

Watch how travelling with a disability (that isn't immediately obvious) can be tricky and how our specially designed symbol can help can help.

Suzie goes on an aeroplane - a child's first flight

Originally a book written to assist autistic children, this story is likely of interest to any child (and parent) about to embark on their first journey in the sky. Follow Suzie as she takes to the skies for the first time, from the beginning to the end of her journey.

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Suzie goes on an aeroplane

A story that simply describes what a child can experience whilst travelling on an aeroplane and how fun it can be, by being safe and comfortable. With teddy by her side, see what fun she has on her aeroplane ride.

Hidden disability symbol

Download or print our discreet symbol and pop it in your passport to let our people know you may need some extra help and reassurance.