Booking flights for children

Infants: babies up to the age of 2 are classed as infants. They'll usually fly snugly in the comfort of your lap, so we only charge 10% of the adult fare (plus any taxes fees or charges). 

If you do require a seat for your infant, please contact us to book. You can also request a bassinet or cot, subject to availability.

You must be 12 or over to accompany a lap infant, and it's only one baby per lap please, or things get a bit too wriggly.

Children:  Child fares apply for children between 2 and 11 

Young adults: Young adult fares apply for children between 12 and 16

Booking children's meals

If you'd like to order any children's meals you can do that easily online in My booking, or contact us and we'll add it to your booking for you. You can do this any time from booking up to 24 hours before your flight.

We’ve created our kids’ menu with the fussiest child in mind, so it includes a variety of familiar dishes that are sure to tickle their tastebuds. It's designed for children who are aged from 12 months to 12 years old and have their own seat

Kids meals aren't always vegetarian, so if they're veggie they should go for the standard vegetarian option rather than a kids meal.

If you don't order one before you fly it's ok, they'll be able to choose from the delicious options available onboard. Take a look at some sample menus here.

Flying with babies

Flying with a baby doesn’t need to be stressful, even if it’s just the two of you flying.

Our baby-friendly cabin crew will be on hand to help throughout your flight. We offer specially designed inflight cots, we’ll warm milk if you need it, and there are usually changing facilities onboard.

Your baby must be healthy and at least 48 hours old to travel with us.

Feeding your baby

Mothers are welcome to breastfeed onboard. Our crew will make you as comfortable as possible, and can provide an extra blanket or a seat in the galley if you'd like some more privacy. We can’t store expressed milk, but we have ice and ice buckets if you need to keep it cool for later use.

If you're bringing baby food, milk or formula in your hand baggage, make sure you read about the airport security guidance on how much and what you can bring. Here's the guidance for the UK.

If you're flying from London Heathrow you can reserve your baby milk or formula and collect it at the airport

If you need milk warming up, just let the cabin crew know and they’ll be happy to do it, by warming it in hot water then leaving it to cool.

If you’re travelling with an infant on your lap (instead of their own seat), you can request a pureed baby meal for them by calling or texting our Customer Services team. We don't offer children's meals for lap infants, so if your little one has moved on to solid food please bring something along with you for them to eat.

Inflight entertainment for children

We have plenty of options to keep everyone entertained while you're in the air. On all flights your kids can choose from movies, TV and games suitable for all ages. And if they've got their own seats, they'll have their own TVs too.

Find out what's on for kids

Some of the content might not be suitable for our youngest travellers, so we've included a parental block as part of our inflight entertainment system. For help with setting this up, just speak to a member of the cabin crew on board. We'll also hand out KiD backpacks from all UK departing airports at the gate, which are bursting with goodies to keep the kids busy while you board and settle in.

Suzie goes on an aeroplane - a child's first flight

Originally a book written to assist autistic children, this story is likely of interest to any child (and parent) about to embark on their first journey in the sky. Follow Suzie as she takes to the skies for the first time, from the beginning to the end of her journey.

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Suzie goes on an aeroplane

A story that simply describes what a child can experience whilst travelling on an aeroplane and how fun it can be, by being safe and comfortable. With teddy by her side, see what fun she has on her aeroplane ride.