2.1 If you have a Ticket to travel on a flight operated by us or by another carrier on our behalf under a Codeshare arrangement, you will have a Contract with us. 

2.2 Please refer to the definition of Contract to see what makes up your Contract and make sure you read and understand all the documents that form your Contract before booking. 

2.3 If your flight is operated by another airline under a Codeshare please also read Article 21.

2.4 These Conditions of Carriage will apply to any flight operated by us under a charter agreement, if they have been included by reference in your Ticket or the charter agreement.

2.5 If your Package Holiday includes a flight with us, these Conditions of Carriage will apply to your flight. Any refund requests will be dealt with by the company providing your Package Holiday, not us.

2.6  When these Conditions of Carriage may not apply

    2.6.1 If any part of these Conditions of Carriage is inconsistent with our Tariffs or the law which applies to your Contract, the Tariff and/or applicable law will apply.

    2.6.2 If any part of these Conditions of Carriage is invalid under any applicable law, the other parts will remain valid.

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