14.1 Before you board the aircraft you must be medically fit to fly.

14.2 There is no need to have a medical examination, unless you suspect or reasonably ought to know, that you have a medical condition which might be made worse by flying or you would struggle if you could not get medical assistance before the end of your flight. If you have any doubt at all, you must get professional medical advice before flying.

14.3 If you have a health condition but have been advised that you are fit to fly if you take precautions (for example, medication) you must do so before, during and after your flight. You may be asked by us to produce written evidence of your fitness to fly, so make sure you have it with you for your flight.

14.4 If you are pregnant please see our policies and procedures at https://flywith.virginatlantic.com/gb/en/on-the-flight/wellbeing-and-health/medical-conditions.html

14.5 If you do not comply with the above requirements, we may:

    (a) refuse you boarding or remove you from the aircraft;

    (b) refuse to carry you on any future flights, including any that have already been booked;

    (c) recover from you any costs we incur as a result, such as the cost of diverting the aircraft.

14.6 If we have asked for written evidence of your fitness to fly, you (or the specialist repatriation company or other agent acting on your behalf) must make sure that the evidence provided is complete and accurately reflects your current state of health.

14.7 If a flight is diverted because of your health and:

    (a) we had accepted you as a passenger based on written evidence that you are fit to fly and such evidence was inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or relevant information was withheld; or

    (b) you were not fit to fly as required under Article 14.1

then you will be responsible for any costs you incur (including fines, medical and repatriation costs) and we may recover from you any costs we incur as a result.  

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