10.1 Refundable Tickets

    (a) Some Tickets are sold at discounted fares and may be partly or completely non-refundable if you cancel your booking. If you need flexibility, make sure you pick a Ticket type which suits your needs.

    (b)  If your Ticket is refundable and you have not used any of it, you can ask for a refund of the entire amount paid (including any taxes, fees and charges).

    (c) If your Ticket is refundable, you have used part of it, and there is no relevant restriction on your Ticket, we will refund the difference between the amount you originally paid and the amount relating to the unused portion of your Ticket.  We will not deduct an administration fee to make this refund.  Your booking may also need to be re-fared to reflect the new itinerary – please see Article 7.2 for more information. 

10.2 Non-refundable Ticket

    (a) If you have bought a non-refundable Ticket, you should take out travel insurance in case you need to cancel.

    (b) If your Ticket is non-refundable and you do not use all or part of it, you can still apply a refund of:

        (i) taxes;

        (ii) fees and charges imposed by a government, other authority or airport operator; and

        (iii) Government Scheme Costs.

    (c) We will deduct an administration fee of no more than £30 per passenger (£3 per infant) from your refund.  If a Ticket is cancelled due to the death or illness of a Passenger, a member of a Passenger’s immediate family or travel companion, we will not deduct an administration fee.

    (d) If you are unable to travel due to an Event Beyond Your Control and you provide us with proof of such an event (to our reasonable satisfaction), you may rebook onto another flight on a different date or to a different destination.   There may be additional charges to pay if there is a fare or tax difference and these will be advised to you at the time of rebooking.  We will not deduct an administration fee to do this. 

 10.3 Our right to refuse a refund

Even if you have a refundable ticket, or are unable to travel due to an Event beyond your Control, we may refuse a refund if:

    (a) you have asked for a refund after the end of the validity period for your Ticket (see Article 7);

    (b) when you arrived in a country, you presented your Ticket to us, or to government officials, as evidence of your intention to leave that country, unless you prove to us that you have permission to stay in the country or you will leave that country on another airline or another form of transport; or

    (c) we refuse to carry you on a flight for any of the reasons set out in Article 12, Article 13 or Article 16.

10.4 General information relating to refunds

    (a) Unless we agree otherwise, we will only make a refund to the person who:

        (i) paid for the Ticket; and

        (ii) has proved to us that he/she is entitled to the refund.

    (b)  We will pay the refund in the same currency that was used to pay for the Ticket, unless we agree otherwise.

    (c) Refunds will only be made if we or our Authorised Agent issued the Ticket and authorised your refund. 

    (d) We will refund any unused part of a Ticket in the event that a Passenger dies before completing the journey.