You can check in at at least 1 x 23kg bag* for free unless you're flying Economy Light.

All tickets include hand baggage (max size 23 x 36 x 56cm or 9 x 14 x 22 inches) in addition to the normal stuff you'd carry with you, like your coat or handbag.

*Passengers flying to or from Delhi, Mumbai, Lagos and Johannesburg have a different baggage allowance.

Check your bags in at least 2 hours before you fly.

Some things you can hand to us at the gate - like musical instruments and pushchairs. Just make sure you've paid for any additional baggage if it exceeds your standard allowance.

Our Upper Class checked in bag allowance changed on 9th December from 3 bags to 2.

The weight and size remain the same.



Permissions and restrictions

Liquid restrictions

Find out about the current restrictions for carrying liquids in your hand baggage

US baggage screening

What happens when your check in baggage gets searched in the US

Dangerous and prohibited items

What you can and can't bring onto the aircraft

Powder restrictions

Find out about the current restrictions for carrying powders in your hand baggage

UK food restrictions

Some foods can't be brought into the UK.

TSA Pre✓®

To benefit from faster security you'll need to apply for TSA Pre✓® and Global Entry

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