If your flight has been cancelled due to Covid-19 and you are stuck abroad, it's really important that you register your contact details with us so that we know where you are and can keep searching for ways to get you home. It also allows us to keep in regular contact with you via SMS and email.

Please don’t wait until your trip reaches its end date before registering. Increasing travel restrictions are leaving us with limited options to get you back home.

To register, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. You can also call us on +44 (0)344 874 7747 (available 24/7) or +1 800 862 8621 from the US.

Our dedicated ‘Away from home’ team are working 24/7, but it's becoming increasingly challenging to find return flights, as more countries close their borders or deny entry to airlines. Because of this, it’s crucial we know where you are, and that you keep checking your emails, SMS messages and My Booking for any rebooking we may have made for you.

Please only complete this form once for each booking. Just include everyone travelling with you so we know exactly how many people still need to get back. 

After you've registered as Away From Home, visit the FCO website to keep up to date with the Government's travel advice on returning to the UK, and to register for email alerts.

View our current flight schedules up to and including 03 April 2020 here

While you're away

It's our responsibility to cover reasonable expenses under under EC261/2004, so keep hold of your receipts and send them to us when you get back. Please use our EU care form here

For up to date info about your flight, please check Flight status

Thank you so much for your patience during this challenging time.