If your flight has been cancelled and you can't get home it’s important you visit the FCO website to keep up to date with the Government’s travel advice on returning to the UK, and to register for email alerts.

The British government has now finished operating repatriation flights to the UK, and we currently have no further repatriation flights scheduled.

The government will charge for these services, but you can claim a refund for your unused Virgin Atlantic flight home once you get back, using the form at the bottom of this page.

If you've accepted a refund or chosen not to register for a government repatriation flight, we may no longer be accountable for accommodation or meal costs for the extra time that you're away.

Because of increasing travel restrictions, we currently have no further repatriation flights scheduled.


When you've returned home

After you've returned home on a government charter flight please apply for a refund of your unused Virgin Atlantic return flight using the below form.

Please only complete it once for each booking, as duplications can cause a delay in the time it takes our team to process your refund.

If you made your booking through a third party or travel agent, please contact them to discuss your refund options. 

We collect and use your information in accordance with our privacy policy.