If you think you've left something behind on one of our aircraft or in our lounges, this page tells you what to do. If you have missing baggage that you checked into the hold, visit this page instead.

If you've left something behind on one of our aircraft you will need to contact the lost property department of the airport into which your flight arrived. It is best to speak to airport staff as soon as you discover you've left something behind.

Any lost property that staff or crew find onboard our aircraft is passed to the airport's lost property handlers by the airport Security Staff. The item is kept for one calendar month from the day the aircraft arrives, unless it is a perishable item, these get destroyed immediately.

How to contact the airport's lost property department

Please contact the airport's lost property service, or a member or airport staff and give them the following details:

  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Flight number and flight date
  • Seat number (if applicable)
  • Full description of the item and the place where you think you left it

If they have the item, they will contact you to arrange the return of the item. There will be an administration cost to get your item back, as well as the cost of postage or delivery.

If they do not have the item, the lost property department should email you to let you know within 5 days.

If you have lost something at a Clubhouse or private airport lounge

Our airport Clubhouse and lounge staff will pass any left-behind items to the lost property department in that airport, so you should contact them and provide the details noted above.

How to claim lost items on your insurance

If you've lost something and would like to claim for it on your insurance, we can provide you with written confirmation that we have searched for the item you have described to us. Before requesting this from us you must check with your insurers first as this "confirmation of search" letter may not be sufficient proof of your loss. Our lost property handlers may charge for this service.

Please contact the airport where your flight arrived (or the Clubhouse where you think you left the item).

London Heathrow

+44 (0) 20 8634 4130 & select Option 5


US airports

1 800 880 6253

London Gatwick

+44 (0) 1293 226 720


All other airports

0344 209 7304 select option 3


0330 223 0893


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