How do I know if my flight has been affected?

Please check the status of your flight

My flight has been cancelled. What are my options?

If we’re able to offer you an alternative option, we'll give you the details when we notify you of the cancellation.

Rebooking options

If you've already used part of your ticket

If you're mid-trip and away from home, please fill out our away from home form

If you haven’t travelled yet

  • Rebook your travel up to 30th April 2021 
  • Reroute your travel to, from or via another destination

We won't charge a change fee, but new flights are subject to availability and any difference in the fare. If you rebook to finish travel by 30th June 2020, no difference in fare or change fee will be charged. We can only rebook flights up to 331 days in advance, so if you’re looking to fly after that, please wait until flights beccome available.

  • OR leave your ticket open: If you're unsure of your new travel dates, we’ll keep your ticket open until you’re ready to rebook. You'll just need to make sure you rebook and travel by 30th April 2021. There's no charge to do this but your new flights will be subject to availability and any potential fare difference. For bookings made directly with Virgin Atlantic only. Please complete our open ticket form

If you’ve booked through Virgin Holidays, or through another website or travel agent, please contact them for your options.

If rebooking or rerouting is not suitable for you, our team can also discuss other options with you. Our flight disruption policy

I’m ready to rebook, what’s next?

If you’ve booked directly with Virgin Atlantic

Message our team conveniently via SMS on +44 (0) 7481 339184 or  97634 from a US number. 

Call us on +44 (0)344 874 7747 (available 24/7) or +1 800 862 8621 from the US. If you're not calling from the UK or US here's all our regional contact information

If you’ve booked through a third party or travel agent

Please contact them to discuss your booking options