Our A350's are made up of 44 Upper Class seats, 56 Premium and 235 Economy seats, all featuring touch screen entertainment.

Upper Class

Upper Class seats are situated at the front of the aircraft. 

Row A is on the left of the cabin next to the window, with seat numbers 1A to 11A. Row D is in the centre of the cabin with seat numbers 1D to 11D. Row G is also in the centre of the cabin, with seat numbers 1G to 11G. Row K is on the right of the cabin, next to the window with seat numbers 1K to 11K.

A WC and galley kitchen are located at the front and rear of the cabin. WC's are located on both sides of the cabin in front of seat 1A, 1K and behind Loft at the rear of the cabin.

The loft is located behind seats 11D and 11G.


Premium seats are situated towards the middle of the aircraft, from rows 21 to 27. In each row seats A and C on the left hand side, A is next to the window, C is next to the aisle. In the centre, seats D, E, F, and G - seat D is on the left aisle, seat G on the right aisle.

Bassonets are available in front of row 21 - WC's are located on each side of the aircraft at the front of the cabin.


Economy seats have row numbers 45 to 71.

The cabin is split into two sections with rows 45 to 52 in the first section. Seats A, B and C are on the left hand side of the aircraft - with A next to the window and C next to the aisle. Seats D, F and G are in the centre of the cabin with D next to the left aisle and G next to the right aisle. Seats H, J and K are on the right hand side - K is next to the window and H next to the aisle.

WCs are located on both sides behind row 52. The remaining rows 53 to 71 continue after this WC with the same seat formations. Row 53 only has 2 seats on the left hand side (B and C) and seats H and J on the right hand side (due to an exit door).

The final row (71) does not have seats on the left or right due to a WC and galley kitchen being located in this space. Only 71D, F and G exist in this row.

Exit Row seats

The following seats are located at an exit row:

53B, 53C, 53H, 54J

Economy Delight seats

The following seats include extra leg room:

54A, 54B, 54C, 54D, 54F, 54G, 54H, 54J. 54K, 55A, 55B, 55C, 55D, 55F, 55G, 55H, 55J, 55K, 56A, 56B, 56C, 56D, 56F, 56G, 56H, 56J, 56K, 57D, 57F, 57G, 57H, 57J, 57K, 58D, 58F, 58G