From/to destinations To/from
São Paulo (GRU) Aracaju (AJU)
  Belem (BEL)
  Belo Horizonte  (CNF )
  Brasilia  (BSB)
  Campina Grande (CPV)
  Campo Grande (CGR)
  Caxias do Sul (CXJ)
  Chapeco (XAP)
  Cruz (JJD)
  Cuiaba (CGB)
  Curitiba  (CWB)
  Florianopolis  (FLN )
  Fortaleza (FOR)
  Foz do Iguacu (IGU)
  Goiania  (GYN)
  Joao Pessoa (JPA)
  Juazeiro Do Norte (JDO)
  Londrina (LDB)
  Maceio (MCZ)
  Manaus (MAO)
  Maringa (MGF)
  Montes Claros (MOC)
  Natal (NAT)
  Navegantes (NVT)
  Petrolina (PNZ)
  Porto Alegre  (POA )
  Porto Seguro (BPS)
  Porto Velho (PVH)
  Recife  (REC)
  Rio de Janeiro  (GIG )
  Rio de Janeiro-Santos (SDU)
  Salvador  (SSA )
  Sao Luiz (SLZ)
  Teresina (THE)
  Uberlandia (UDI)
  Vitoria (VIX)
  Vitória da Conquista (VDC)

Baggage allowance

Passengers travelling on VS*/G3 will be permitted to the same baggage allowances for the whole itinerary as they are for their LHR-GRU flights and hold baggage will be through-tagged to the final destination. Excess baggage fees to be paid at point of origin for all sectors in each direction (ie outbound and return). For more information on GOL baggage, please visit the GOL Airlines website.

At the airport

GOL Airlines operate out of Terminal 2 at São Paulo while Virgin Atlantic operate out on Terminal 3.

About GOL Airlines

GOL has been in operation since 2001 and is the fastest growing carrier in Brazil. It is the largest carrier in Brazil by domestic capacity with 700 daily flights.

It was originally a low cost carrier but has now enhanced its customer experience with four different economy classes on domestic flights and three ecomomy classes and Premium economy on international flights.