LATAM is South America's leading airline group, with international operations in Latin America, Europe, the US and the Caribbean, along with domestic flights in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Earn and spend Virgin Points with LATAM Airlines

Earn points and tier points

Flying Club members can earn points based on a percentage of the miles you have flown depending on the cabin you are flying in. Take a look at the table below for more information.

Points earned on LATAM marketed/operated flights


LATAM Booking Class Points earned
Business Class J, C 150%
D, I, Z 125%
Premium W, P 125%
Economy Y, B 125%
H, K, M 100%
L, V, X 75%
S, N, Q 50%
O, G, A 25%

Non qualifying classes T, R, U 

Points earned on Virgin Marketed/LATAM operated flights


VS Marketed Booking Class Points earned
Business Class J, C 150%
D, I, Z 125%
Premium J, C, D, I, Z  125%
Economy Y, B 125%
R, L, U 100%
M, E, Q  75%
X, N, O 50%

Non qualifying classes T, R, U 

Tier Points earned

Cabin Sectors under 2,000 miles Sectors 2,000 miles or over
Economy 10 25
Premium 20 50
Business 30 75

Tier bonus

If you're a Silver or Gold Flying Club member you can earn a tier bonus on top of your points for flown miles.  The tier bonus will be based on the total miles in each booking class. 

Flying Club membership tier benefits

Red Silver Gold
Standard points 30% 60%

Ready to book?

To earn points on LATAM Airlines,  book your flights online and remember to add your Flying Club membership number. 


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Spend Virgin Points

Spend your Virgin Points on LATAM Airlines Flights. The number of points required depends on the cabin you fly and the distance of the route. All you need to pay for are the taxes, fees and carrier-imposed surcharges.

Virgin Points required for a one-way flight:

Flight Distance (miles)
Economy Premium Business
0-250 7,500 15,000 20,000
251-400 12,500 22,500 30,000
401-550 17,500 25,000 35,000
551-1250 22,500 32,500 45,000
1251-4000 25,000 35,000 50,000
Flight routes Economy Premium Business
North America - Brazil / Chile
37,500 65,000 95,000
UK - Brazil
40,000 72,500 102,500
Rest of World - Brazil / Chile 45,000 80,000 115,000

Reward flights are subject to availability

If you're booking a Reward Flight for an infant under two at the time of travel, who will be travelling on your lap, you'll need the following points (one-way):

Cabin Virgin Points required
Economy 1,000
Premium 2,000
Business 5,000

Spending Virgin Points

To spend Virgin Points on LATAM Airlines flights, book direct with Virgin Atlantic. Select ‘show price in points’ when you search.

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Earning points:

If you're a member of one of our partner airlines' frequent flyer programmes, please note that you can only earn points in one scheme for any particular flight.

Points may only be earned on flights operated by LATAM . Points will be issued to Flying Club members when travelling in the classes listed. Points will not be earned for travel in any other class not listed above.

Additional points will not be earned for bookings that are subsequently upgraded to a higher class whereby an additional fare difference is paid.

Missing points

When claiming points please keep all copies of your original tickets/e-tickets and boarding passes until the correct amount of points appear on your account. If the points do not show on your account within six weeks, please contact us to claim them back.

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