Please remember: Children's meals won't be booked automatically, and you'll need to order them online at least 24 hours before you fly.

You can order a kids’ meal through My booking as soon as you book your tickets, or you can call us on 0344 874 7747. Please note that meals can’t be booked for lap held infants.

We’ve created our kids’ menu with the fussiest child in mind, so it includes a variety of familiar dishes that are sure to tickle their tastebuds. It's designed for children who are aged from 12 months to 12 years old and have their own seat. 

The meals are nut friendly, which means that while they don't contain nuts, they're not prepared in a nut free facility so may contain nut traces.

Kids meals aren't vegetarian. If your young one is a veggie they should go for the standard vegetarian option rather than a kids meal.

The cabin crew are also regularly on hand with drinks and treats to reward good behaviour and keep your little ones refreshed.

We also offer baby meals specifically for little ones under 12 months, which include standard pureed or bottled foods (no solids).

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