1. If you have made your booking directly via the Virgin Atlantic website or contact centre, once your booking has been confirmed, you can bid to upgrade to the next cabin of service via the “Your Bid” auction service website anytime up to 2 days before the scheduled date of departure of your flight. You can access the Your Bid website via the My booking section of the Virgin Atlantic website or via the link provided in any pre-flight service e-mails you may receive. 
  2. A bid to upgrade to another class of service can only be made if you hold a valid ticket on Virgin Atlantic operated flights. 
  3. If there are multiple passengers in your booking you have to bid to upgrade all passengers. The amount you bid will be on a per passenger basis. For example, if you have a party of four and you wish to bid £100 for an upgrade, you will have to bid £400. 
  4. Your Bid is only available on flights, dates and destinations selected by Virgin Atlantic in its sole discretion which will be shown on the Your Bid site. 
  5. Passengers who are travelling a multi-sector journey and wish to bid for an upgrade for their entire journey will be required to bid for each sector flown. 
  6. Once you have submitted your bid, you will receive a confirmation email that your bid has been received by us. 
  7. Bid acceptance is based upon the amount of your bid, the number of seats available in the next cabin, the number of passengers named in your bid and the time which Virgin Atlantic receives your bid. 
  8. All bids will be assessed between 7 and 2 days prior to the scheduled departure date of your flight. If you have a winning bid, you will be notified by email anytime between 7 days and 2 days before the scheduled departure time of your flight. Payment will be taken from the credit or debit card entered by you when you submitted your bid. This will happen anytime between 7 and 2 days before the scheduled departure time of the flight. If for any reason your payment is rejected, you will automatically lose your upgrade and we shall be entitled (at our discretion) to allocate it to the next successful bidder. If your bid is unsuccessful, you will be notified by email at least 2 days before the scheduled departure time of your flight. 
  9. We reserve the right to accept or reject any bid made via Your Bid in our sole discretion. 
  10. We will not disclose the price paid by the successful bidder nor will we enter into any discussions regarding the successful bid. 
  11. You can amend or cancel your submitted bid at any time up to 2 days before the scheduled departure date of the flight provided your bid has not been “accepted” or “rejected”. For the purpose of this clause, “accepted” and “rejected” means Virgin Atlantic’s assessment system prior to taking full payment from you (in the case of a successful bid) and/or prior to notification of the outcome to you. 
  12. If your bid has not been accepted or rejected, you can cancel or amend it via the Your Bid link contained in the confirmation email received after your bid was submitted. If you are unable to amend or cancel your bid through the link and you are within 7 days of your flight, your bid may have been accepted, and in which case your booking will be in the process of getting upgraded, or your bid may have been rejected. In either situation you will not be able to cancel or amend your bid. 
  13. The amount you bid will have applicable taxes, fees, charges and surcharges added before you confirm the total amount. The amount that you bid is separate from and in addition to your original ticket price. 
  14. If you cancel or change your flight the amount you paid (excluding taxes) as a result of holding the winning bid is non-refundable, even if you have a refundable ticket. The upgrade cannot be transferred to another flight or to another passenger. Any applicable taxes will be refunded. 
  15. If we cancel or change your flight and re-book you on another flight, we will try (subject to availability) to honour the upgrade purchased. If the relevant upgraded cabin is not available, passengers will be seated in the original cabin of the ticket purchased and we will offer (as your sole remedy) a full refund of the upgrade price. If you decide not to travel at all we will refund the cost of your ticket plus the upgrade price. 
  16. If you have a winning bid into the Upper Class cabin you will be entitled to utilise the Clubhouse or applicable 3rd party lounge at the departure airport for the sector that has been upgraded into Upper Class. 
  17. If you have a winning bid you will be entitled to the higher baggage allowance of the upgraded cabin. Please refer to our website for specific baggage allowances. You will only be entitled to the increased baggage allowance on the upgraded sector. For connecting itineraries, prior or subsequent sectors you may be liable for excess baggage charges. 
  18. Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles and tier points will be rewarded as per the Flying Club terms and conditions for the higher booking class of the upgraded flight. 
  19. All carriage provided by Virgin Atlantic is subject to the rules contained in Virgin Atlantic’s Conditions of Carriage. 
  20. In case of any conflict between these terms and conditions and the Conditions of Carriage, the Conditions of Carriage will prevail. 
  21. Virgin Atlantic reserves the right to cancel or amend any or all of these Terms and Conditions, without notice and at any time. 
  22. These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law and are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Revision 2: 17 March 2018